2 Rapid Intervention Vehicles





? to ?                      Wooden building

1980? to                 3 Bay Station to west of Terminal building                Photo

?                              Length of Bays increased



Officer in Charge



? to ?                      Station Officer Donald MacPhie

? to ?                      Station Officer Kenny MacDonald

1997 to 2003          Station Officer Michael MacLean

2003 to                   Station Officer Roddy MacKay





                Fire 1                      Fire 2                                      Ops 1                      Ops 2                      Ambulift


1995       J277GAS                K526NAS                              P815FAS                SY03VKT               P135FAS

2007       J277GAS                K526NAS                              SY04ZRX
2014       SY14HBC               SY14HCA                             SY12TMV



                J277GAS                Simon Gloster Saro Highlander Protector MK2 4x4        RIV

                K526NAS              Simon Gloster Saro Highlander Protector MK2 4x4        RIV

                P135FAS                Ford?                                                                                      Ambulift

                P815FAS                Land Rover 110                                                                    Runway inspections, Bird Scaring

                SV03VKT               Ford Transit LWB                                                                Per Carrier

                SY04ZRX               Land Rover 110 Defender                                                   Ops 1

                                                Yamaha Jet Ski                                                                      FRC

                                                Red Bay Stormforce 6.5M Rescue Boat                            RIB
                SY12TMV              Nissan                                                                                    Runway inspections, Bird Scaring
                SY14HBC               Iturri "T" 4x4                                                                         CrT
                SY14HCA              Iturri "T" 4x4                                                                         CrT






1998                        Highlands & Islands Airports Fire Service


This is a CAT 4 airport.


18/11/2014    Two new Iturri "T" 4x4 tenders were officially launched today by children from Balivanich Primary in Benbecula who took part in a competition to name the appliances. The appliances have been named St Kilda and Eaval. These appliances carry 6,100 litres of water, 800 litres of foam and 250kg of chemical powder.


Seven of HIAL's 11 airports have water rescue provision, including rescue crafts, a jet ski and a mud rescue team. They are at Sumburgh, Barra, Benbecula, Dundee, Islay, Kirkwall and Stornoway.

(The Aberdeen Press and Journal, 24/10/2019)




Establishment 2003


                                2 Rapid Intervention Vehicles                                           1 Station Officer

                                1 Land Rover                                                                        2 Sub Officers

                                1 Personnel Carrier                                                              2 Leading Firefighters

                                1 Rigid Inflatable Boat                                                        5 Firefighters

                                1 Ambulift


The Met man comes in at 6 am and the rest of the crew at 7 am and they work till 17-15 six days a week. The airport is closed on Sundays. In addition there is a rota for the Air Ambulance flights when 4 men are called out to man 1 Machine with 3 men and the Control Tower with 1 man (FISO) any time the airport is closed

The minimum crew is six manning 2 Crash Tenders 3 + 3. The Firefighters also man the Ambulift to take patients of the ambulance flights and the gritter.

The RIB is towed by a tractor W8 ( as part of the runway is less than 1000m from the sea)

There is also an Emergency Support Unit (Tow A Van trailer).





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