2 Crash Tenders and 1 Land Rover



1/4/1996 to ?                                Hanger near main gate                Photo

2020                                              Station beside Control Tower    Photo


Officer in Charge


August 2001                        Sub Officer Jim Currie

2003                                       Sub Officer Derek Laing



  Fire 1 Fire 2 Ops 1
2001 P645FST P646FST N136CAS
2003 P645FST P646FST SX52CZN
2007 D310FDF P646FST SX52CZN
2011 K521LST K525NAS SX52CZM
2019 ST15HWX SY65HUZ ?


D310FDF Gloster Saro protector MK 1 4x4 RIV
K521LST Simon Gloster Saro Highlander Protector MK 2 4x4 RIV
K525NAS Simon Gloster Saro Highlander Protector MK 2 4x4 RIV
N136CAS Land Rover 110 Ops 1
P645FST Simon Gloster Saro Predator 4x4 RIV
P646FST Simon Gloster Saro Predator 4x4 RIV
SX52CZN Land Rover Defender 110 Ops 1
ST15HWX Iturri Toro 4x4 RIV
SY65HUZ Iturri Toro 4x4 RIV




Macrahanish was an American Air Force base and when the Americans moved out it became a Civil Airport run by Highlands and Islands Airports. H & I airports own or rent the civil airport terminal, the 2 mile long runway, the control tower, the fire station and various areas like the fire training area.

The establishment is 1 Sub Officer, 2 Leading Firefighters and 4 Fighters manning the 2 crash tenders three and three. The minimum crew is 4 manning Fire1 three and Fire2 one. They work -8-45 to 17-45 unless the aircraft is running late five days a week.

The Land Rover tows the Emergency Support Unit trailer which contains the Air Shelter and First Aid equipment

The Predator has a V6 engine as opposed to the Protector which has a V8 engine and carries:-
4,550 litres of water
540 litres of foam
50 Kg BCF
50 Kg Dry Powder
2 x 7metre 2 section ladders
Stem light for floodlighting the area
Zumro cutting equipment (small combi tool for cutting seats and also a pedal cutter)
3? Draegar? BA sets

No boat is needed as the end of the runway is more than 1,000 yards from water.


? to 1966                                    Ministry of Defence
1/4/1996 to present                  Highlands and Islands Airports Fire Service


This is a CAT 3 airport


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