2007                   New Terminal including Fire Station                     Photo


Officer in Charge

2008                  SAFO Mark Luty

2020                  Station Manager Tom Eddleston ?




PSP trailer unit towed by a L4V.

2007                J201GMP                Protector MKII

2016                SH63UGY               Land Rover/Emergency One Fire 2
                        SA63XLV                Land Rover/Emergency One Fire 1


The Protector has a 580hp Detroit turbo diesel engine, 6000ltr water tank, 400ltr foam tank and 50kg monnex. This appliance was previously ay London City Airport.




Airport owned by Argyll & Bute Council but operated by Total Logistics Concepts.

CAT 1 or CAT 2 with prior notice.

May 2007 airport now operated by Argyll and Bute Council and opening date put back to January 2008 as it doesn't have a licence at present for commercial flights. It will be licensed to Cat 2 with Cat 3 by prior arrangement.

The Official Opening of the airport took place on the 16th August, 2008.

The establishment is 1 SAFO, 2 Watch Managers and 8 Firefighters working 2 watches of five. They also man the Control Tower in three hour shifts.

A new large shed has been built to house the Fire appliance and this will become the fire station.


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