2012                Part of Terminal Building                Photo

2019                 A Garage has been built on the other side of the entrance to the right of the terminal to house the Isuzu.


Officer in Charge





2012         Trailer containing 2 cylinders Dry Powder?, ladder, Hose etc.

2016         BG15OPN       Isuzu           RIV





The Airport is located Holland, Papa Westray, KW17 2BU.

The North Island Airports are operated by Orkney Islands Council.

There are seven Airport Firefighters employed by Orkney Islands Council. There are normally three people on duty for aircraft arrival/departure. Two fire crew and a third person liaising with the pilot and covering the phone in case of any incident.

2012    The Isuzu fire tender must be on site with a two man crew before either of the two daily flights arrive.




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