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Officer in Charge


2007                Senior Airport Fire Officer John Thorpe




                                Fire 1                        Fire 2                    Fire 3

2006                        L982YDF                 T507ANP             X575KNP


  L982 YDF SGS 4x4 Protector CrT
  T507 ANP Unipower 4x4 Carmichael Cobra 2 CrT
  X575 KNP Carmichael E-One Titan HPR 4x4 Cobra 2 CrT

Bristow helicopters

2006          CPE130Y                Range Rover 6x6                                                              RIV



CAT 6.

Scatsta airport is 17 miles North of Lerwick and serves the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal

The airport is operated by Serco IAL in behalf of BP, Kerr McGee and Bristow helicopters.

Offshore workers fly from Aberdeen to Scatsta in fixed wing aircraft - BAe 146 or ATR 42s/72s or similar and transfer into helicopters for the final leg of their journey to the ofshore oil and gas installations.

Scatsta Airport is to close in the summer with the loss of up to 50 jobs. The North Mainland airport which serves the offshore sector will have closed its doors by the end of June. It comes as Bristow Helicopters faces the loss of its offshore contract from the airport. The new deal has been awarded to Babcock, which is using Loganair instead of the current fixed-wing operator Eastern Airways. Flights are due to start operating from Sumburgh Airport from 1st July.
(The Shetland Times 4/3/2020)



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