1 Crash Tender, 2 Rapid Intervention Vehicles.





War years                            West End of the Airport

? to ?                                     Old Hanger west of Terminal building

1984? to                                3 Bay station west end of Terminal Building                    Photo



Officer in Charge




? to 2003                                Station Officer Ian MacLeod

31/7/2003 to                          Station Officer Jim Currie






                Fire 1                      Fire 2                      Fire 3                      Ops 1                      Ops 2                      Ops 3                      ATV             FRC


1995       K520LST                K524NAS              B162SRJ                  ?                            SV02LHA              T291XAS               SYY007

2007       K520LST                J108ODF                                                T291XAS              SY05NHJ                                                                       Jet Ski

2011       K520LST                J108ODF                                                SY05NHE              SY08SHX

2015       SY14HCC               SY14HDN                                              ?                              ?




                B162SRJ                                                                                                                CrT

                                                Land Rover 110                                                                    Runway inspections, Bird Scaring

                J108ODF                Simon Gloster Saro Protector MK 2 4x4                           RIV

                K520LST               Simon Gloster Saro Highlander Protector MK2 4x4        RIV

                K524NAS              Simon Gloster Saro Highlander Protector MK2 4x4        RIV

                T291XAS              Land Rover Defender Pickup                                              Ops 3

                SV02LHA              Ford Transit LWB                                                                Personnel Carrier

                SY05NHE              Land Rover 110 Station wagon                                          Ops 1

                SY05NHJ               Land Rover 110                                                                     GVP OP

                SY08SHX              Mitsubishi L200 Work Pickup                                            Ops 2

                                               Red Bay Stormforce 6.4 Rescue Boat                                 RIB

                                               Yamaha Jet Ski                                                                       FRC
                SY14HCC              Iturri "T" 4x4                                                                         CrT

                SY14HDN              Iturri "T" 4x4                                                                         CrT






1998                        Highlands & Islands Airports Fire Service


This was a CAT4 airport until October 2002 when it was upgraded to CAT5


Seven of HIAL's 11 airports have water rescue provision, including rescue crafts, a jet ski and a mud rescue team. They are at Sumburgh, Barra, Benbecula, Dundee, Islay, Kirkwall and Stornoway.

(The Aberdeen Press and Journal, 24/10/2019)




Establishment 2003


                                3 Crash Tenders                                                                   1 Station Officer

                                2 Land Rovers                                                                      2 Sub Officers

                                1 Personnel Carrier                                                               4 Leading Firefighters

                                1 Rigid Inflatable Boat                                                         14 Firefighters

                                1 Ambulance


The establishment is split into two shifts, one works 7-15 to 14-15 Monday to Friday and 7-15 to 17-15 on a Saturday. The other shift works 13-45 to 20-45 Monday to Friday. The shifts alternate weekly. A mix of the shifts works 12-15 to 18-15 on a Sunday. In addition there is a rota for Ambulance flights when 3 men are called out to man 1 Machine at any time the airport is closed. The crew work an average 40 hour week.


The minimum crew is six at present manning 2 Crash Tenders 3 + 3. This minimum will increase to seven on 1/9/2003 manning 2 Crash Tenders 3 + 3 + 1.

The RIB when required is manned by Fire 2 crew. The RIB is towed by a tractor W5.

If the incident is on soft ground and the ATV (W7) is required it is manned by 1 firefighter from Fire 2, it tows a trailer with 8 flaked lengths, Standpipe, Key & Bar and a branch.

There is also an Emergency Support Unit (Tow A Van trailer). The Ambulance is used as a First Aid vehicle at incidents if required until the Scottish Ambulance Service arrive, it is not used for Air Ambulance flights.






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