In January 1976 the Central Fire Brigades Advisory Committee (CFBAC) ruled black fire helmets would give way to canary yellow while officers helmets would remain white. Rank markings for all  would all be in black and they also stated that leather  chin straps should replace any plastic ones still in use.



An original Brass helmet.                            100_9914

A leather helmet                                100_9917

AFS steel helmet, SFR Fire & Heritage Centre, Greenock.                                    C433 100_0301

NFS Steel helmet, Dunbar Station                      C319/22                                               13/4/2003

An AFS Battle Bowler of the WAFB. These replaced the Steel Helmets that were used during the war.    100_9898

Glasgow Fire Service "METRO" helmet by Hendrys                        100_9916

Helmet belonging to the Chief Salvage Officer Glasgow Salvage Corps.                    100_9915

Cromwell Cork Helmet, Leading Fireman.                                                             C433 100_0292

Cromwell F500 helmet Strathclyde Fire Brigade                                                    C433 100_0468

Cairns CEN550 Lothian & Borders F&RS helmet.                                                          101_5391

MSA Gallet helmet as issued to Strathclyde Fire Brigade.                    100_9912

Tayside use red stripes in place of black as it is reflective. They changed from Black to Red in ? Tayside issued new Rosenbauer helmets in July 2008. The helemets have goggles and a full face visor, both pulled down from the front.

Rosenbauer Helmet of Tayside with Watch Manager rank stripes. No torch blank fitted. Issued July 2008.

A Rosenbauer Helmet of Tayside with Crew Manager rank stripes. Torch fitted.

A Rosenbauer Helmet of Tayside Fire and Rescue. Torch fitted.

A Rosenbauer Helmet of Lothian & Borders Fire and Rescue. Torch fitted on side.  101_5389

Female Control Operator's hat Strathclyde Fire Brigade.                                     C433 1001_0418

Grampian FRS bump cap, RTCs and Grass Fires?              101_7375                 Taken 19/6/2010

Angloco wins its largest fire helmet tender 

Angloco has recently been awarded its largest contract to date for fire fighting helmets with a five year deal with Scottish brigades to supply the new Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme. The contract, with seven of the eight fire and rescue services in Scotland, will run until at least December 2012 with the option to extend and has an expected value of approximately £550,000. The participating fire and rescue services are Lothian and Borders, Central Scotland, Grampian, Tayside, Fife, Dumfries and Galloway and Highlands and Islands.
Although the contract only commenced in March 2008 orders have already been called off by Lothian and Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Tayside and Grampian. So far this year over 2000helmets have been delivered but over the next five years at least 4000 helmets are expected to be supplied though the contract. Graham Stevenson, Group Manager, commented, “The award came about for this joint venture following collaboration between all seven services utilising all the expertise available. This included the production of a joint technical specification to go forward with the tender. Lothian and Borden Fire and Rescue Service were the lead body for this tender so the procurement process was handled by them for the other FRSs who signed up.
“Once the tenders were received, the quality and technical evaluations were carried out utilising the Scottish Evaluation Tool, which involves results from the joint technical group, a ‘user’ evaluation and procurement being combined to produce the ‘best value’ purchase for the collaboration. Following this tender process for structural fire helmets the Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme was chosen as the ‘best value’ option for the FRSs involved.”
Best value option
The Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme fire fighting helmet, used widely on the continent, is one of the few helmets which conforms to the tough new prEN443:2008 standard. Rosenbauer, headquartered in Austria, has been represented in the UK and Ireland by Angloco for over 18 years. Angloeo, one of the largest suppliers of fire and rescue equipment to the UK and Ireland is also the longest established fire appliance manufacturer in the UK
The Scottish tender follows on the recent successful introduction of the HEROS-xtreme to the UK municipal market with Hertfordshire FRS. Newcastle International Airport was the first UK user and now several other UK and Ireland airport FRSs have followed suit Officially launched at the Hannover Interschutz show in 2005 the HEROS-xtreme began to find favour in the UK in 2006 with the independent trials for the Integrated Clothing Project where it performed particularly well.
(Fire Times, Vol. 10 No. 3, April/May 2008. Page 36.)


At November 2012

Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service

Rosenbauer Heros helmets

Dumfries and Galloway Fire and Rescue Service

Cromwell F600 when unserviceable being replaced with Rosenbauer Heros helmets

Fife Fire and Rescue Service

MSA Gallet when unserviceable being replaced with Rosenbauer Heros helmets

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service

Rosenbauer Heros helmets

Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service

Rosenbauer Heros helmets

Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service

Rosenbauer Heros helmets

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue

MSA Gallet

Tayside Fire and Rescue

Rosenbauer Heros helmets



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