? to ?                                Station was in Factory 0

Officer in Charge





? Unknown Reg Land Rover and a Saracen Armoured Car with a Monitor  
1945 Unknown Reg AEC Matador "Dorchester"/MOD AFFV
1956 PGK756 Ford Thames/Fire Armour "Firefly" P/FoT
1977 R reg Rangerover/Carmichael Commando RIV
1976 KYV487P  Bedford TKEL/HCB Angus  (HCB 5617) WrT

The dates above are year of registration of the vehicle.




? to 1984                  MOD Fire Service

1984 to 1/5/1988     ROF Bishopton Fire Brigade Wholetime Firemen

1/5/1988 to ?            ROF Bishopton Fire Brigade Part Time Firemen


1919    Royal Army Ordnance Depot, Georgetown or National Filling Factory
1939    ROF Bishopton or Royal Filling Factory

ROF Bishopton, three explosives factories were built on the same site and completed between December 1940 and April 1941. They were built on the site of National Filling Factory No. 4, Georgetown and surrounding farm land which was compulsory purchased. The site had three separate water main supplies, one of which was for firefighting.

ROF Bishopton was privatised in 1984 and the MOD Fire Service moved out.

1/5/1988 ROF Bishopton Fire brigade was changed from Wholetime to Part Time Firemen.



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