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A George medal and several commendations for Clydebank fire workers are included in the latest list of awards announced in the “London Gazette.”
Mr Alexander Heron, firemaster at a local works fighting service, who is 67 years of age, is the recipient of the George Medal and the official bulletin says he showed great courage and was on continuous duty without rest for 100 hours. Describing Mr Heron’s action, the official statement says that during an air raid incendiary bombs fell on a factory, and fires were started. Firemaster Heron extinguished a large number of incendiary bombs, handling them on many occasions with his bare hands. He led the firefighters into a burning woodyard, while other firemen continually played water on them to prevent serious injury from burning. Afterwards he attacked the fire in the building, and made every possible effort to extinguish the flames.
Mr. Heron was on holiday at Rhu, in Dumbartonshire, when the news of his medal award reached Clydebank on Friday night. When he left on holiday he slept away from his post in the works fire station for the first time since the blitz.
His energy during these critical hours was really amazing and it had been suggested to him that after doing his bit so gallantly he might think of retiring. But he’s determined to stick it out and keep at it till the war is finished.
The following are colleagues of Mr. Heron who are commended for their brave conduct, some of whom attacked incendiary bombs with bare hands:- Joseph Atkinson (fireman), John M’Lean (fireman), James Meiklejohn (fireman), John Morrison (assistant firemaster), and James Webb (fireman), Meiklejohn is a son in law of Firemaster Heron.
(Clydebank Post, July 7, 1941.)

The Singer Factory closed in 1980.


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