Western No. 2 Area.


Headquarters. Moredun, Stanely Road, Paisley.
Fire Force Commander. R. Bowman, M.B.E., G.I.F.E.
Deputy Fire Force Commander. T. McCorkindale.
Administrative Officer. A. Wilson.
Finance Officer. W. R. Nicol.
Catering Officer. J. N. Haigh.
Stores Officer. J. Miller.
Transport Officer. J. Cameron


A Division
Headquarters "Netherton" Castlehead Paisley,

Sub Division 1
Headquarters Paisley

Stn. W2A1Z 12, Johnston Street, Paisley Leyland/Merryweather T.L. XS 5454
    Leyland Cub, P. XS 3200
    Austin A.T.V.
    Austin H.U. GLE 933
    Lagonda Saloon AG 9690 Standard Gwynne Tp.
    Saloon Car YY 4709
Stn. W2A1Y Connel’s Stores, Espedair Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YA McRae & Drew, Neilson Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YB Brown & Poulson, Falside Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YC Stonefield Laundry, Lochfield Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YD Holm Laundry, Barterholm Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YE Netherton Garage, Craw Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YF Royal Alexandria Infirmary, Neilson Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YG Papermill, Blackhall Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1YH Paisley Techinical College, George Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1X Ferguslie Stables, Main Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1XA Gas Works, Well Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1XB Holm Farm, Ferguslie, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1XC Peacock’s, Rope Works, Fulbar Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1XD Dyeworks, Ferguslie Mill  
Stn. W2A1XE Hibernian Hall, Newton Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A1XF Foxe’s Garage, William Street, Paisley  


Sub Division 2
Headquarters Paisley

Stn. W2A2Z Cowan’s Stables, Main Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZA Caledonia Joinery Works, Murry Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZB Nether Common Works, Inchgreen Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZC Kibble School, Greenock Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZD Dobbies Works Garage, Greenhill Road, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZE Mossvale Garage, Mossvale Lane, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZF Jail Gilmour Street, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2ZG La Scala, Cumberland Court  
Stn. W2A2Y Walace’s Garage, East Lane, Paisley  
Stn. W2A2YA Bells Dyeworks, Hawkhead Road  
Stn. W2A2YB Scott’s Brown Garage, Ralston  
Stn. W2A2YC Kelburn Cricket Pavillion, Kelburn Oval  
Stn. W2A2YD Glasgow Coachbuilder, Abbey Street  
Stn. W2A2YE Rosse’s Works, Ralston Street  
Stn. W2A2YF McDonald Carriers, East Buchanan Street, Ralston  
Stn. W2A2X Fulbar Street, Renfrew  
Stn. W2A2XA Glebe Street, Renfrew                   Later became W2A2X  
Stn. W2A2XB Hillington Estate Garage  
Stn. W2A2XC Clyde Trust Works, Ferry Road, Renfrew  
Stn. W2A2XD McGregory’s Works, Porterfield Road, Renfrew  
Stn. W2A2XE Coia’s Garage, London Street, Renfrew  
Stn. W2A2XF Old Fire Stn. Fulbar, Renfrew  
Stn. W2A2XG Scotish Motor Traction, Garage, Inchinnan  
Stn. W2A2XH Peter’s Garage ,Bishopton  
Stn. W2.A2W Garage, Niddery Street, Paisley  


Sub Division 3
Headquarters Johnstone

Stn. W2A3Z Fire Station, Overton Crescent, Johnstone  
Stn. W2A3ZA Flax Mill, Millbrae, Johnstone  
Stn. W2A3ZB Garage, Kilbarchan  
Stn. W2A3ZC Smith & McLaurh, Paper Mill, Milliken Park  
Stn. W2A3ZD Thorn Garage, Thornhill  
Stn. W2A3ZE Connelly’s Garage, Main Road, Elderslie  
Stn. W2A3ZF Midton House, Howwood  
Stn. W2A3ZG    
Stn. W2A3ZH Watson’s paper Mill, Linwood  
Stn. W2A3ZI Houston  
Stn. W2A3ZJ Gardner’s Garage, Bridge of Weir  
Stn. W2A3Y Walkers Garage, Kilbirnie  
Stn. W2A3YA Stores, County Water Depot, Beith, Ayr  
Stn. W2A3YB Eagle Garage, Lochwinnoch  
Stn. W2A3X Thornhill Dairy, Johnstone  


Sub Division 4

Stn. W2A4Z Nitshill Road/Parkhouse Road, Darnley  
Stn. W2A4Y Eastwood, Giffnock  
Stn. W2A4YA Netherlee  
Stn. W2A4YB Clarkston  
Stn. W2A3YC Thornliebank  
Stn. W2A4YD Newton Mearns  
Stn. W2A4YE Merrylee  
Stn. W2A4YF Whitecraigs  
Stn. W2A4YG Busby  
Stn. W2A4X Town Hall, Main Street, Barrhead  
Stn. W2A4XA Neilston  
Stn. W2A4XB Crofthead, Neilston  


B  Division
Headquarters "Caddlehill", Greenock

Sub Division 1

Stn. W2B1Z Dalrymple Street, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1ZA Marine, Fireboat  
Stn. W2B1ZB Fleming Reid, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1Y East Hamilton Street, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1X Upper Cartsburn, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1XA Scotts Dockyard, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1XB Scotts Foundry, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1XC West Burn Sugar, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1XD Fleming Reid, Greenock  
Stn. W2B1W Anderson Street, Port Glasgow  
Stn. W2B1WA Gas Works, Port Glasgow  
Stn. W2B1WB Kilmacolm  
Stn. W2B1WC    
Stn. W2B1WD Fergusons, Port Glasgow  
Stn. W2B1WE Gourock Ropework, Port Glasgow  


Sub Division"2"
Headquarters Campbell Street, Greenock

Stn. W2B2Z Campbell Street, Greenock  
Stn. W2B2ZA Boyd Street, Greenock  
Stn. W2B2ZB Hasties, Greenock  
Stn. W2B2Y Royal Street, Gourock  
Stn. W2B2YA Gourock House, Gourock  
Stn. W2B2YB Cragburn, Gourock  
Stn. W2B2YC Railway Station, Gourock  
Stn. W2B2YD Inverkip  
Stn. W2B2YE Wemyess Bay  
Stn. W2B2YF Skelmorlie  


Sub Division 3
Headquarters, Barr Street, Ardrossan

Stn. W2B3Z Barr Street, Ardrossan Austin E.C.U. GJJ 833
Stn. W2B3ZA Marine, Fireboat  
Stn. W2B3ZB Harbour Street, Ardrossan  
Stn. W2B3ZC Park Road, Saltcoats  
Stn. W2B3ZD West Kilbride  
Stn. W2B3ZE Shell Mex  
Stn. W2B3ZF Lamlash  
Stn. W2B3Y Ardeer Garage, Stevenson  
Stn. W2B3YA Stevenson Road, Kilwinning  
Stn. W2B3YB Dalry  
Stn. W2B3YC The Iron Works, Eglington  
Stn. W2B3YD Busby Spinning Mill, Kilwinning  
Stn. W2B3X Irvine  
Stn. W2B3W Largs  


Sub Division 4

Stn. W2B4Z Campbeltown  
Stn. W2B4Y Kirn  
Stn. W2B4X    
Stn. W2B4W Campbeltown  


C  Division
Headquarters Kay Crescent, Kilmarnock

Sub Division 1
Headquarters Ayr

Stn. W2C1Z Sandgate Fire Station, Ayr  
Stn. W2C1ZA Crosshill  
Stn. W2C1ZB Dallas Garage, Ayr  
Stn. W2C1ZC Dalmellington  
Stn. W2C1ZD High Street, Maybole  
Stn. W2C1ZE Rankinson  
Stn. W2C1ZF Patna  
Stn. W2C1Y North Harbour Street, Ayr  
Stn. W2C1YA Lochside, Ayr  
Stn. W2C1YB Auchinleck  
Stn. W2C1YC Cumnock  
Stn. W2C1YD New Cumnock  
Stn. W2C1YE Muirkirk  
Stn. W2C1YF Ochiltree  
Stn. W2C1YG Coylton  
Stn. W2C1YH Lugar  
Stn. W2C1YJ Skeres  
Stn. W2C1X Alexandra Drive, Prestwick  
Stn. W2C1XA Monkton  
Stn. W2C1XB Troon  
Stn. W2C1XC Loans  
Stn. W2C1XD Dundonald  
Stn. W2C1XE Annbank  
Stn. W2C1XF Tarbolton  
Stn. W2C1W Girvan  
Stn. W2C1WA Colmonell  
Stn. W2C1WB Ballantrae  
Stn. W2C1WC Barrhill  
Stn. W2C1WD Dailly  


Sub Division 2
Headquarters Dumfries

Stn. W2C2Z Fire Station, George Street, Dumfries  
Stn. W2C2ZA Leafield Road, Marchmont, Dumfries  
Stn. W2C2ZB Nitsdale Garage, Dumfries  
Stn. W2C2ZC Moniave  
Stn. W2C2ZD Wanlockhead  
Stn. W2C2Y Fire Station, High Street, Castle Douglas  
Stn. W2C2YA Dalbeatie  
Stn. W2C2YB New Galloway  
Stn. W2C2YC Kirkcudbright  
Stn. W2C2YD Dalry  
Stn. W2C2YE Gatehouse of Fleet  
Stn. W2C2X Caryles Place, Annan  
Stn. W2C2XA Gretna  
Stn. W2C2XB Ecclefechan  
Stn. W2C2XC Eaglesfield  
Stn. W2C2XD Brydekirk  
Stn. W2C2W Laurieknow  
Stn. W2C2WA Sanquhar  
Stn. W2C2WB Kirkconnal
Stn. W2C2WC Thornhill  
Stn. W2C2V Locherbie  
Stn. W2C2VA Langholm  
Stn. W2C2VB Lochmaban  
Stn. W2C2U Church Street, Moffat  


Sub Division 3
Headquarters, Tichfield Street, Kilmarnock

Stn. W2C3Z Fire Station 100,Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock  
Stn. W2C3ZA David Orr Street, Kilmarnock  
Stn. W2C3ZB Longpark Street, Kilmarnock  
Stn. W2C3ZC Dean Lane, Kilmarnock  
Stn. W2C3ZD Kilmaurs  
Stn. W2C3ZE Stewarton  
Stn. W2C3ZF Dreghorn  
Stn. W2C3ZG Crosshouse  
Stn. W2C3ZH Dunlop  
Stn. W2C3ZJ Fenwick  


Sub Division 4
Headquarters, Stranraer

Stn. W2.C4Z Ladies Walk, Stranraer  
Stn. W2.C4Y Ashwood Drive, Stranraer  
Stn. W2.C4X McHarries Garage, Newton Stewart  
Stn. W2.C4XA Whitehor  
Stn. W2.C4XB Wigtown  
Stn. W2.C4XC Creetown  


Stn. W2???? Dunoon
Stn. W2???? Oban
Stn. W2???? Tobermory
Stn. W2???? Inveraray
Stn. W2???? Lochgilphead
Stn. W2???? Millport
Stn. W2???? Newmilns
Stn. W2???? Rothesay


If you know of any mistakes in this or have any additional information please let me know.



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