New Control Room at Fire Force Headquarters, Ingram Street.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of calls since 1948 (4,500) to 1957 (7,432)
This is an overall increase of more than 65 per cent. and clearly indicates the additional work involved in dealing with the extra calls. As a result of this increased activity, it was decided that the Area Control Room was no longer large enough to function with maximum efficiency and a larger room on the first floor of Fire Service Headquarters was therefore converted to become the new Area Control Room. Pictures of the new Control Room are included in this report. By employing Fire Service technicians the work of conversion was rapidly completed and the Control Room Staff moved into their new quarters on the 29th of December, 1957. The lay-out of the new room permits the maximum effective use of all the apparatus contained therein. Some of the equipment was modified during the removal to bring it more into line with modern practice. For instance, the Mobilising Board has been re-arranged to include the names and appliances of new Fire Stations and to allow for any further expansion. The radio installation has been grouped into a separate console which includes the Main Station Remote Control Apparatus, Stand-by Emergency Transceiver and a Telephone, together with ample cupboard space for stationery. The Main Station Remote Control Apparatus is, itself, incorporated into a master control panel with all controls and appliance indicator lights at the finger tips of the operator.
(Firemaster's Report 1957.)

Glasgow Fire Service Area Control Room showing the new type card index system. (Firemaster's Report 1959.)

Glasgow Fire Service Area Control Room, Central Fire Station. (Firemaster's Report 1959.)

During the year, work was started on a new type card index system to replace the existing circular index at the Area Control Room. The new system will allow speedier location of streets to which calls have been given and gives an automatic, visual indication of any card having been removed. It will come into operation early in the new year. (Firemaster's Report 1959.)

The modernisation of the Headquarters Control was completed and put into operation in March, 1967, thus replacing two manually operated switchboards by an automatic installation.
The Watchroom at Station C.1 (North West) was also completely modernised during the year and a lamp signalling switchboard installed.
(Glasgow Fire Service Annual Report 1967, page 26.)