Aerial Ladder Platform

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has thirteen Aerial Ladder Platforms. Seven of these were inherited from the antecedent services and the service has purchased six Rosenbauer B32 ALP on Volvo FM chassis. The booms on the new Rosenbauer ALPs are now black as apparently the white ones reflected the sun and it could be quite blinding for the firefighters in the cage. I remember visiting Polmadie to see Strathclyde's first ARP on a sunny day and was surprised to the the two Ffs in the cage wearing sunglasses, this must have been the reason why.

The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service have awarded Rosenbauer a three year contract to supply Aerial Ladder Platforms throughout Scotland, with the first four units to be built and delivered within 2016. A further six units are anticipated to be built and supplied by the end of 2019.
The Aerial Ladder Platforms will be the Rosenbauer B32 built on 26 tonne Volvo chassis, incorporating the world-class 500 kg rescue cage and the latest ‘design bodywork’ package with the now standard Anthracite boom/roller shutter package.

Sophisticated down to the smallest detail
The 500kg cage of a Rosenbauer hydraulic platform is best suited to the needs of modern rescue operations. Functionality and efficiency are its highest priorities. The many helpful functions that make Rosenbauer rescue cages so unique are harmoniously combined and make tasks even more ergonomic and efficient. It is not without reason that our sophisticated rescue cage has been proven the world over.
Robust design
The highly developed rescue cage consists of a durable, robust aluminium construction and is manufactured size- and weight optimised. Depending on the cage version, there is space for up to six people.
Three entry points
For genuine comfort in the rescue cage there are three upright entry points. Its unique front entry point leaves plenty of room to accommodate a wheelchair user in the cage without any hindrance.
Rotating cage
The cage swivels 47° to the left and right, regardless of whether or not rescue ladders are installed on the telescopic boom. Thus, precise and individual positioning in relation to the object is achieved.
Swiveling stretcher support
Three different stretcher supports bear a live load of up to 300 kg, thus ensuring flexible accommodations – from simple folding stretchers to heavy duty carriers.
Folding platform
The platform, which bears a live load of 200 kg, can be folded down. This greatly increases the usable area in the cage, which makes it easier to enter buildings, accommodate wheelchairs, and load heavy duty carriers.
Flexible equipment options
Numerous additional equipment options make the Rosenbauer rescue cage a true multi-talent. The cage can be equipped with rescue winches, diving ladders, fresh air risers, cooling fan storage, rescue hoses, camera systems, fall protection systems and much more.
(Sales Information from the Rosenbauer WEB site)


P614KSP Volvo FL10/Angloco/Bronto Skylift F32HDT Blackness Road/Spare
P752TSU Volvo FL10 6x4/Angloco/Bronto Skylift F32HDT Oban
W331SSX Volvo FL6-18/Angloco/Bronto Skylift F32MDT Kirkcaldy
X59UMS Volvo FM12 6x4/Angloco/Bronto Skylift F32HDT Falkirk
SV51EVY Scania P94-280/Angloco/Bronto Skylift F32MDT Aberdeen Central
ST02GAU Volvo FM12 6x4/Angloco/Bronto Skylift F32HDT Perth/Inverness
SA52FKO Scania P114G-360 6x4/Angloco/Bronto F32HDT Johnstone
SF66YJU Volvo FM/Rosenbauer B32 Maryhill
SF17WBW Volvo FM/Rosenbauer B32 NYA
SF17WGJ Volvo FM/Rosenbauer B32 Blackness Road
SF17WGK Volvo FM/Rosenbauer B32 NYA
SF18WUA Volvo FM/Rosenbauer B32 Inverness
SF18WUB Volvo FM/Rosenbauer B32 NYA


Photos of Aerial Ladder Platforms.