Turntable Ladder


Scottish Fire and Rescue Service inherited three Turntable Ladders from Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service. Two were Ex English Brigades and one was new to L&BFRS.

YK16XUY has twin 2 Tone Horns under the front bumper.


Turntable Ladders

The Rosenbauer turntable ladder, powered by Metz Technology, is arguably the quickest, lightest, strongest and most refined Fire Fighting Turntable Ladder on the global fire & rescue market. The now established XS range has proven time and time again that the most efficient ladder set on the global marketplace, operating in the tightest of envelopes is the best tool for the job for Brigades best suited for Turntable Ladder technology.

Rosenbauer’s Karlsruhe based plant has manufactured turntable ladders since 1842 and has potentially the highest retention of production staff in the business. Our world class design of aerial appliances provides complete refinement with a production finish enviable to any coach builder. Finished at Rosenbauer UK, the electrics, stowage, communications and conspicuity markings can be tailor made to the highest possible level of finish as per the customer’s individual requirements.

Feel free to download our official brochure for more information on the full range of rosenbauer turntable Ladders.


Rescue Cage

With a payload of 500kg, the Rosenbauer XS 2.0 boasts the largest payload on the European Turntable Ladder market.

With the option of having a fixed monitor at the cage with unique and efficient plumbing ensures no vision whatsoever is hindered when stowed for driving followed by ease when the cage is deployed to deliver water.

State of the art, integral LED lighting ensures aerial operators can survey their surroundings through darkness hours.







E750MDE Scania 92M-250/Angloco/Metz/DLK 30 Tollcross/Scrapped
G646ABX Scania G93-250/Angloco/Metz DLK30 Sighthill/Disposed May 2016
S62ASG Scania 94D/Angloco/Metz DL30 Crewe Toll
YK16XUY Volvo FE/Rosenbauer/Metz Tollcross

Photos of Turntable Ladders