There are three Operations Controls, one in each Service Delivery Area. Operations Control are the unseen front line who are the first point of contact for the public with the Fire Service, they take the details of the incident and dispatch the appropriate resources whilst also staying on the line if necessary to reassure the caller and give advice until the crews arrive at the incident. The incidents they mobilise to include fires, flooding, water rescue, rescue from height, chemical incidents, animal rescue, in fact any incident where human life can be in danger.
In 2017 the three Operations Controls dealt with over 90,000 incidents.


Area Manager for Operations Control

22/10/2018 to 12/8/2022         Area Manager (c) Libby Logan
13/8/2022                                Area Commander (c) ?


Officer in Charge of Operations Control

North SDA Dundee        M2FX Group Manger (c) Ian Stewart
East SDA Edinburgh    M2FY Group Manger (c) Jacqui MacDonald
West SDA Johnstone    M2FZ Group Manger (c) Brenda Gillan

2022  now Station Commanders (c) in charge of the three Controls.


There are 3 Group Commanders (c) now have these roles

Performance            Group Commander (c) Jill Barber

Personnel Support    Group Commander (c) Marie Claire Coyle

Technical Support    Group Commander (c) Jacuqi MacDonald


Establishment at Johnstone Operations Control

Feb 2018  


1 Group Manager B (c)


2 Station Managers B (c)


2 Watch Manager B (c) in charge of each Watch


1 Watch Manager B (c) in charge of Learning and Development


1 Watch Manager B (c) in charge of System & Data


2 Crew Manager  (c) on each watch


1 Crew Manager  (c) in Learning & Development


1 Crew Manager (c) in System & Data


10 Fire Fighters (c) on each Watch


1 Cleaner


1 Cook