1 Pump Retained.




? to 1960

Council Depot, Church Street, INVERBERVIE.                      Photo

January, 1960

King Street, INVERBERVIE. DD10 0RA.                                 Photo




1941 to 1949

Alex Ramsay

1949 to 1953

Leading Fireman Sandy Couper

1953 to 1960

Leading Fireman? Archie Duncan

1960 to 1973

Sub Officer Harry Watson

1973 to 1983

Sub Officer Dally Duncan

1983 to 30/9/1998

Sub Officer Bill Petrie  (Sub in 1983?)

30/9/1998 to

Sub Officer David Beattie



1941   Barrow  



Dennis F8




Dennis F26/Dennis


  XSA127M Dennis F48/Dennis WrL
  HSA449N Dennis F48/Dennis WrL



Renualt G13c/Mountain Range


2001 L745KRS Scania 93M-210/Emergency One WrL
2007 SV07AFE MAN TGL 12-224/ Emergency One WrT



? to 1941


1941 to 1948

National Fire Service

1948 to 1975

North Eastern Fire Brigade

1975 to 2003

Grampian Fire Brigade

2003 to Grampian Fire and Rescue Service (name change only)





The North Eastern Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Towing Unit with Light Pump inside towing Major Pump 1 Leading Fireman
    9 Firemen


The North Eastern Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1952

  Equipment Retained
  1 Pump Appliance 2 Leading Firemen
    8 Firemen


Complement 2002

  Equipment Retained


1 Water Tender Ladder

1 Sub Officer



2 Leading Firefighters



6 Firefighters *

* 5 males and 1 female.

The National Fire Service began in the Region of 1941 with mostly volunteers to start off with, to serve the Royal Burgh of Inverbervie. They started out with a barrow, to carry their equipment of hoses, extension ladder, branches, stand-pipes etc. two members pushed, two held the equipment in place at the sides, the officer in charge was out in front and one member rang a hand held bell.
The first officer in charge of the station based at Church Street, Inverbervie would have been local builder Alex Ramsay in 1941. He in turn handed over to Sandy Couper the local baker in 1949, who remained in charge for four years before leaving the service. The next officer in charge to run the station was Archie Duncan a plumber who kept that position until 1960. Harry Watson joined the Brigade in 1946 and two years later it became North Eastern Area. Harry became officer in charge in 1960, this was when the new station was built on King Street and they moved from the original depot which was Council owned on Church Street, approximately 100 metres away. Harry served for twenty five years, officer in charge for sixteen years. Dally Duncan was the next officer in charge at station 94 and he joined the service in 1953 and served for thirty two years and left in 1985 the last ten years as officer in charge. Dally Duncan handed the reigns over to Bill Petrie who joined the brigade on the 1st October, 1965 and became officer in charge 1984-85 and retired from the service on the 30th September, 1998 exactly thirty three years service. He in turn handed over to myself to be officer in charge of the station. I joined in 1980 and have been officer in charge since September 1998.
(Part of a letter sent to me from Sub Officer David Beattie, 3/3/2002.)

Inverbervie had a call sign of 94 in Grampian Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to R34, the new National Call Sign, when the Control at Mounthooly closed on 8/11/2016.



A new 1 bay station was built in January 1960.



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