M2UGF is the Home Office allocated Radio Call Sign for Grampian Fire Brigade's Control Room located on the ground floor left as you walk into reception in the Headquarters building which is part of the Fire Station on North Anderson Drive. Over the radio control call themselves "Foxtrot" on all transmissions.

Standby control at Mounthooly

The Control at Mounthooly closed on 8/11/2016 and the antecedent Grampian stations are now controlled from Blackness Road in Dundee.


Control Room

? to 2007        North Anderson Drive, ABERDEEN.

2007 to 8/11/2016           1 Mounthooly Way, ABERDEEN.




1 Group Fire Control Officer    Working Days

2 Fire Control Officers             Working Days    1 Operational & 1 GIS

4 Watches working 2 days/2 nights/ 4 days each off consisting of

1 Senior Fire Control Operator

1 Leading Fire Control Operator

3 Fire Control Operators

A total of 23 staff (the actual number employed is greater as there is job sharing where 1 person does 1 day and 1 night and another person does the other day and other night.


Photos of Control Room




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