Retained Unit.


2001                         MacNaughton Crescent, ACHARACLE. PH36 4JR.                    Photo




?                              Volunteer Leader M. J. Smith

1998                         Sub Officer D. MacLean

2006                         Sub Officer John Macmillan



1992 Non Mobile    
1998 M104VAS Mercedes 310D/HIFB LFA
2007 L969RAS Mercedes 310D/HIFB LFA
2009 May R980LFE Volvo FL6-14/John Dennis/HIFRS WrL
? P520EAS LDV 400 Convoy/HIFB LFA
2010 June SY02TTO LDV 400 Convoy/HIFB LFA
2012 R980LFE Volvo FL6-14/John Dennis/HIFRS WrL


2010 Until accommodation can be found R980LFE is kept at Strontian and the unit are running with an LDV 400 Convoy.



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 1983 Northern Fire Brigade
1983 to 2005 Highland and Islands Fire Brigade
2005 to Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service




Acharacle Equipment kept in an Equipment Store 1971

1 Hathaway Portable Pump
1 Suction Hose 2x12
1 Suction Strainer 2
1 Standpipe D.O. R.T.
1 Hydrant Key and Bar
2 Branch Pipes
2 Nozzles
1 Water Container (Metal)
10 Lengths Delivery Hose 1 x 75
1 Equipment Box (Metal)
1 Petrol Can 2 Gallon

Salen and Acharacle amalgamated when they went mobile and became Acharacle. (after 1992)

1994/95 Salen amalgamated with Acharacle.

1996/97 New volunteer garage completed during year.

With the new brigade structure introduced in the summer of 2003 the 3 Divisions were re-organised into 2 Commands North and South, Acharacle was put into South Command. Call signs remained the same.

On 1st April 2005 along with 61 other units Acharacle was upgraded to a Retained Unit, drilling one night per week and receiving a retaining fee.

Acharacle had a call sign of A21 in The Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to T25, the new National Call Sign, when the Control at Inverness closed on 6/12/2016 and moved to Dundee.


New Firegear for Acharacle

Firefighters at Acharacle have been able to buy new equipment thanks to generous donors.
The station now boasts a resuscitation trainer and masks, a casualty blanket, powerful hand lanterns, collapsible road cones, safety binoculars and a compass. The money was raised at an open day at the station last year.
(The Oban Times. Thursday 11th August 2005.)



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