Retained Unit


WAFB Wooden Box ? McKechnie's Buildings (Tel. Morven 207)
2001 Garage on the left of the A884 as you drive into Lochaline                  Photo
20/2/2013 Part of Lochaline Primary School




1971 to 1977 Volunteer Leader Willie Mowat
1978 to 1983 Volunteer Leader Jimmy Tickell
1983 to 1991 Volunteer Leader Jimmy Cruickshank
1991 to 1997 Volunteer Leader George King
1997 to 2004 Sub Officer Iain Mowat
2004 to 2005 Temporary Sub Officer Lesley Jones
April 2005 to Watch Manager Lesley Jones (there 2017)



1990 G391VAS Ford Escort 55/HIFB CFV
1994 L324SAS Mercedes 310D/HIFB LFA
2007 M104VAS Mercedes 310D/HIFB LFA
2008 X922RST LDV 400 Convoy/HIFB LFA
2012 Oct? SY12CWW Mercedes Vario LFA
2013 SY62BFN Mercedes 816 DA LWB Vario/Emergency One LFA



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 1983 Northern Fire Brigade
1983 to 2005 Highland and Islands Fire Brigade
2005 to 31/3/2013 Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service
1/4/2013 to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service




The Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained Volunteer
  1 Two Men Manual Pump 1 Fireman 6 Firemen


Lochaline Equipment kept in an Equipment Store 1971

1 Hathaway Portable Pump
1 Suction Hose 2”x12’
1 Suction Strainer 2”
1 Manual Pump
1 Suction Hose 1.5”x10’
1 Suction Strainer 1.5”
1 Standpipe S.O. R.T.
1 Hydrant Key and Bar
2 Branch Pipes
2 Nozzles
1 Dividing Breeching
10 Lengths Delivery Hose 1¾” x 75’
1 Water Container Canvas
1 Water Container Metal
10 Canvas Buckets
1 Stirrup Pump
1 Hand Siren
1 Petrol Can
1 Heavy Axe
2 Pouches
2 Axes
1 Steel Helmet
1 Equipment Box Metal


1951 A hose box sufficiently large to hold the equipment of the Volunteer Fire Party was erected at a central point in the village.

1988 Premises obtained to house LFA. Conversions will be carried out in the new year.

With the new brigade structure introduced in the summer of 2003 the 3 Divisions were re-organised into 2 Commands North and South, Lochaline was put into South Command. Call signs remained the same.

On 1st April 2005 along with 61 other units Lochaline was upgraded to a Retained Unit, drilling one night per week and receiving a retaining fee.

Lochaline had a call sign of A25 in The Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to T23, the new National Call Sign, when the Control at Inverness closed on 6/12/2016 and moved to Dundee.


Highlands & Islands Fire & Rescue Service
Helping make the Highlands & Islands a safer and better place to live, work and visit

<PHOTO> The Primary School showing the station

Lochaline Fire Station

Opening Ceremony

Wednesday 20th February 2013 


Chief Fire Officer’s Welcome
Welcome to all our guests and friends at the opening of the new Fire Station in Lochaline, Morvern.
The Highlands & Islands Fire & Rescue Service is determined to make our communities safer. Our firefighters do this through providing community safety advice and an emergency response service that is second to none. In recent years we have made increasing demands upon the firefighters of Lochaline, expanding their role and asking them to learn new skills. They have met this challenge and today I am proud that we are able to provide them with a station that meets their professional, safety, dignity and welfare needs. I am confident it will be an important community resource for many years to come.
The inclusion of the fire station within the primary school is the first for mainland Scotland and demonstrates innovative solutions for shared services within the Highlands.
The Fire Board works hard to secure the necessary resources to fund the Service and I am pleased that the Fire Board Convener Andrew Drever and Vice Convener Audrey Sinclair are here to attend the ceremony.
Thank you everyone for attending and supporting our Service.
Stewart Edgar
Chief Fire Officer


Station Opening Ceremony 

Fort William District Manager’s Introduction
Group Manager Martin Haigh 

Chief Fire Officer’s Address
CFO Stewart Edgar 

Official Opening
Convener Andrew Drever 

Lochaline Officer in Charge’s Response
Watch Manager Lesley Jones


Lochaline Station Personnel 

Watch Manager:
•              Lesley Jones
Crew Managers:
•              Sarah Jones
•              David Mealand
•              Annabel Lawrence
•              Bonny Mealand
•              Robert Capell
•              Heather Brown
•              Heather Jappy
•              Keith Adams
•              Ewan Mowat 

A Brief History of the Lochaline Fire Unit
Lochaline Fire Station is a unique Station within HIFRS as 60% of the crew are female. Lochaline is considered a one-off in the British Fire Service, if not beyond, in relation to the female representation on the station. The aspect of being challenged was a good reason to join for some of them. All agree that it has also been a necessity because in the area they serve the population is very low and when the Station was in danger of closing down more women joined to make sure the Station remained in Lochaline. It is also about being a part of the community and taking responsibility.

<PHOTO> The old station.

Keith Adams is head teacher of the primary school and a part-time firefighter. Keith will have no excuse now for being late for a fire call out! 

Lochaline Officers in Charge
•              Willie Mowatt                      1971-1977
•              Jimmy Tickell                       1978-1983
•              Jimmy Cruickshank              1983-1991
•              George King                        1991-1997
•              Iain Mowat                          1997-2004
•              Lesley Jones                        April 2005 - to date 

<PHOTO> The Crew
Back: Rob Capell - David Mealand
Middle: Heather Jappy - Heather Brown - Bonny Mealand
Front Sarah Jones - Lesley Jones - Annabel Lawrence 

Lochaline is one of the last stations to be opened under the auspices of the Highlands & Islands Fire & Rescue Service.

Lochaline has served under the following Brigades:
1941-1948 National Fire Service
1948-1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975-1983 Northern Fire Brigade
1983-2005 Highlands & Islands Fire Brigade
2005-2013 Highlands & Highlands Fire & Rescue Service


Celebrations at Lochaline Fire Station 


Fire and rescue personnel from across Lochaber joined local residents to celebrate the opening of Lochaline Fire Station last Wednesday night.
The station is a Scottish first on two counts - it shares the site with the new primary school next door and 60 per cent of its retained personnel are women.
Speaking at the official opening, Lochaline Fire Station watch manager Lesley Jones, who also runs the village shop, praised the joint effort that made the new base a reality,
She said: ‘Myself and my crew would like to thank everyone who has been involved in bringing this huge project to a successful conclusion.
‘Having the faith and vision to invest in small communities like Lochaline will ensure that rural areas can prosper and develop and by bringing two completely different services together under one roof proves this commitment.
‘We as a fire team look forward to building a strong relationship with the school to bring mutual benefit.’
She added: ‘This is what can be achieved when communities and local government pull together. They have given us a purpose built building with all the most up to date equipment and support and ensured the provision of an essential service in Lochaline.
‘This marvellous building will contribute greatly to giving us a safer and more secure environment to live in and undoubtedly help towards saving lives.’
Fire Board convener Councillor Andrew Drever was unable to attend after his flight from Kirkwall was cancelled.
Vice convener, Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh councillor Audrey Sinclair, officially opened the station in his absence.
Councillor Sinclair noted former Highland Council convener Michael Foxley’s role in securing the new school and fire base.
She said: ‘This new station will serve the people of the Morvern peninsula for many, many years.’
Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service (HIFRS) Chief Fire Officer Stewart Edgar praised firefighters’ families for the support they give - and welcomed the fact that six of the 10 retained crew were female. ‘That is fairly unique across the UK fire service,’ he said.
Strontian piper David MacKay played a selection of tunes to welcome guests and local musicians Stewart and Rory Malcolm entertained once formalities were over.
HIFRS contributed £300,000 to the £3.2 million Highland Council project.
Dr Foxley is a member of the new Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, which comes into effect on April 1.
<PHOTO> Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service Chief Fire officer Stewart Edgar and Lochaline brigade watch manager Lesley Jones look on as Fire Board vice chair Councillor Audrey Sinclair unveils the plaque. 20_f09fire0l
<PHOTO> Lochaline people joined fire and rescue personnel to celebrate the opening of the impressive new station. 20_f09fire02
<PHOTO> Left to right, Strontian fireman Alasdair MacLean and Lochaline colleagues Ewan Mowat, Rob Cappel and David Mealand were among those attending the station opening. 20_f09fire03
<PHOTO> Lochaline Primary School head teacher and retained fireman Keith Adams, centre, with local residents at the opening ceremony. 20_f09fire04
(The Oban Times, Thursday, 28 February, 2013. Page 8.)



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