Retained Unit.


?                           Germatwatt, Walls, Shetland, ZE2 9PF                        Photo



1990                    Sub Officer J. A. Reid
2003                    Sub Officer Robert M. Hudson (still there 2018 rank now Watch Manager)



1990 YAS695V Bedford CF/Fulton and Wylie CFV
1998 N919YST LDV 400/HIFB LFA
2007 July SY03BNU LDV 400 Convoy/HIFB LFA
2013 July SY04CBF LDV Convoy/HIFB LFA



1975 to 1983 Northern Fire Brigade   ?
1983 to 2005 Highland and Islands Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service
2013 to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service




1991        Sandwick Walls Community Council have made it possible for the Walls vehicle to have a vehicle radio.
1/93-3/93 Got a new LFA.
With the new brigade structure introduced in the summer of 2003 the 3 Divisions were re-organised into 2 Commands North and South, Walls was put into North Command. Call signs remained the same.

On 1st April 2005 along with 61 other units Walls was upgraded to a Retained Unit, drilling one night per week and receiving a retaining fee.

Walls had a call sign of C40 in The Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to W30, the new National Call Sign, when the Control at Inverness closed on 6/12/2016 and moved to Dundee.



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