Retained Unit.


1957 to ? 2 man pump in Wooden Box outside Scourie Hotel
? to ? Wooden Shed in the Car Park at the back of Scourie Hotel        Photo
1999? to Large Shed at Angus MacKenzie's house (Seaview)                   Photo
2007 Nissen Hut, Old Council Yard.                                                         Photo
22/11/2008 A894 near the school.                                                                        Photo



? to ? Volunteer Leader Ian Hay
? to ? Volunteer Leader Hugh MacKay *
? to ? Volunteer Leader Donald Mackay  Son of *
? to ? Sub Officer William Thomson?
? to ? Sub Officer Leslie MacKay
2008 Watch Manager Andy Mackenzie (there at opening of new station)




  G391VAS Ford Escort 55/HIFB CFA
Feb 2001 K185LST Leyland DAF 400/HIFB LFA
2003 SY03BNU LDV Convoy/HIFB LFA
June 2007 SY05DPE MAN 12-225/Emergency One WrL




1957 to 1975 Northern Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 1983 Northern Fire Brigade
1983 to 2005 Highland and Islands Fire Brigade
2005 to Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service




Establishment 2000





1 Light Fire Appliance

1 Sub Officer



2 Leading Firefighters



7 Firefighters


Unit was there in 1957, as there was a fire then in one of the buildings at the Scourie hotel and they sent for the brigade from...........?.............. While they were waiting they got the 2 man pump out the Fire Box and filled a basin or sink with water but it was about 20 minutes before they managed to get any water on the fire.
(Ian Hay   August 2003.) 

In 1959 Robert Alexander MacDonald and John Thomson were recruited to the Fire Brigade after they were demobbed from the army and Ian Hay the hotel owner was appointed leader although he never went to any fires. Robert and John’s first fire happened one night when they were sitting in the bar and Ian Hay told them there was a fire at EDRITELLIS Manse, so they put the gear in Robert’s car and headed off. As they were crossing the bridge over a stream at the entrance, they stopped and filled the two buckets they had with water. There was some rubbish burning outside the manse so they threw the water on the fire and ran back and forth to the stream to get more water to throw on the fire. Then the man who had just bought the manse and started cursing and swearing at them and threatening to get the Police to them at which point they informed him they were the local fire brigade, which didn’t impress him and produced more cursing and swearing. He said couldn’t they see he was just burning rubbish but they said they had been sent out to put out a fire and that’s what they were doing but as it was controlled burning and if he would supervise the fire they would leave it and with that they returned to the bar.
Robert MacDonald’s last fire was in 1993 when a heath fire burnt down a Hydro Board pole and the village was without power for two days as it was remote and a new pole was required. The Hydro Board tried to blame the incompetence of the fire brigade for the loss of power, but the fire brigade established that it was arcing on the Hydro’s pole that started the fire in the first place.
The unit gets called out by a call from fire control to the member in the village who phones around the other members and word also spreads round the village quickly and the men respond to the fire.
(Robert Alexander MacDonald   August 2003.)

2002/2003 Unit upgraded to BA status.

Ground has apparently been acquired for a new fire station between the church and the Public hall on the main road A894.

With the new brigade structure introduced in the summer of 2003 the 3 Divisions were re-organised into 2 Commands North and South, Scourie was put into North Command. Call signs remained the same.

On 1st April 2005 along with 61 other units Scourie was upgraded to a Retained Unit, drilling one night per week and receiving a retaining fee.

Scourie had a call sign of C57 in The Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to T44, the new National Call Sign, when the Control at Inverness closed on 6/12/2016 and moved to Dundee.




1400 hours

Saturday 22nd November 2008

Chief Fire Officer’s Welcoming Address: 

Welcome to all our guests and friends at the opening of the newly built Fire Station at Scourie.
The Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service is determined to make our communities safer.
Our firefighters do this through providing community safety advice and an emergency response service that is second to none. In recent years we have made increasing demands upon the firefighters of Scourie, expanding their role and asking them to learn new skills. They have met this challenge and today I am proud that we are able to provide them with a station that meets their professional, safety, dignity and welfare needs. I am confident it will be an important community resource for many years to come.
The Fire Board work hard to secure the necessary resources to fund the Service and I am pleased that our Convenor Richard Durham is here to open the station.
Thank you everyone for attending and supporting our Service. 

Brian A Murray
Chief Fire Officer 


                Mr Gareth Edwards 

                Mr Brian A Murray 

                Mr Andy Mackenzie 

•              OFFICIAL OPENING:
                Mr Richard Durham
                Fire Board Convener 

•              STATION BLESSING:
                Reverend John MacPherson 

                Mr James MacKay, Bettyhill 

•              BUFFET for 1530 hours
                The Anchorage, Scourie








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