M2UF is the Home Office call sign allocated to Highland and Islands Control Room and M2UF is used in all radio transmissions.

The Control room is situated in a purpose built building at 64 Seafield Road.


Officer in Charge





? to ?                    A room on the right as you go in the main entrance to Inverness Fire Station.

? to ?                    First floor above the old Control Room.

2004                    Command and Control Centre   64 Seafield Road   Inverness                                Photo


Establishment 2004

                                                                                            1 Fire Control Officer
                                                                                            5 Senior Fire Control Operators
                                                                                            4 Leading Fire Control Operators
                                                                                            8 Fire Control Operators

One of the Senior Fire Control Operators is a Control Trainer.


Command and control

The brigade is currently equipping a new command control centre. The building is purpose built on two floors. The ground floor houses equipment room, radio workshop and locker facilities. The first floor houses the control room, incident room and fire control officer's office. Command and control equipment, Fortek's Firewatch Fires version 3.7 will be used. Dopras DS 1000 ICCS will be used to handle both telephone and radio traffic. A mapping system integrated with the command and control  system will be incorporated to replace the existing manual mapping system.
(Fire magazine, Scottish Feature, August 1993. Page 23.)

Microwave radios

The Highland and Islandsí radio scheme is the largest microwave radio system in the UK, if not Europe. It covers the whole of 12,500 square miles of the brigade. The scheme is a joint scheme with the Northern Constabulary using 74 of the 95 hilltop sites in the whole radio scheme which was required as a result of WARC. Highland VHF FM scan and vote system is used for communications with mobiles.
(Fire magazine, Scottish Feature, August 1993. Page 26.)



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