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The week is split into 14 sections 8am to 6pm and 6pm to 8am each day and the crew tick the sections they are available. This way the Sub Officer knows how many of a crew he will get at any given time and whether he has to ask control for backup in any periods.

Lauder had a call sign of 44 in Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service, this was changed to J35, the new National Call Sign on 3/5/2017.






by Councillor Ken Harrold
The Lothian and Borders Fire Board is charged with the responsibility for providing fire and emergency services for more than 880,000 people, living across 2,500 square miles of the south east of Scotland.
Such an undertaking requires an operational strategy of considerable sophistication and complexity. The goal is not only to meet the standards laid down by the government for the level and speed of response to emergencies, but also to ensure that all of our communities can take reassurance from the knowledge that they are receiving the very best service possible.
The opening of Lauder Fire Station represents a highly significant enhancement to the service provided by Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade to the people of the Scottish Borders. The Retained Firefighters serving at Lauder, now and in the years to come, will carry on a long and proud tradition of community involvement in the provision of fire services. Credit must go to the families and employers of these men and women for their contribution to this essential and demanding service.
It is with enormous pleasure that I welcome the opening of this vital community facility by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.

The Royal Burgh of Lauder is situated in the area of the Scottish Borders Council on the A68 in the valley of the Leader Water. The town covers approximately 40 hectares, with a population of just over 1000.
During the 1980s, Lauder experienced the second largest population growth in the district at 36%. The town consists of a central belt of buildings of traditional construction arranged in a ribbon development along the main road, with six modern housing developments and a "Kirk Care" Sheltered Housing complex lying to the south and east. The town centre presents a mixture of shops, three medium sized hotels and housing. The modern developments are predominantly detached bungalows with a small number of two storey houses. The Kirk Care homes are all single storey detached houses of modern construction. At the north end of the town there is a small industrial estate occupying the site of the former railway station and consisting of purpose built units. The town also contains a primary school.
As a result of a review of Standards of Fire Cover, a report was presented to The Lothian and Borders Fire Board in 1997, indicating that the Brigade was unable to meet its required response times to the town of Lauder and the surrounding area. The report recommended that the practicalities of establishing a retained fire station within the town of Lauder should be examined in detail. It was estimated that it would be possible to sustain a retained fire crew in Lauder, and with Board approval and support from the Scottish Borders Council, a retained crew was recruited. Work on building the new station commenced in January 2000.
The new station is situated on the outskirts of Lauder in the industrial estate at the north end of the town. The building is single storey, of traditional construction, with a steel frame in the appliance bay and concrete floors throughout. Concrete blocks, roughcast and pointed, and painted on the inside, form the outer walls. The roof is timber sloping, curved and insulated, and finished on top with a proprietary roof covering. The total floor area is 235 sq, m.
The station has facilities for one fire appliance and up to 15 retained Firefighters. The main rooms include an appliance bay, kitchen, watch room and lecture room. Other facilities include the workshop, drying room, dirty area, muster/changing area, and toilet and shower areas for both male and female Firefighters. A training yard, training tower and car parking is also provided. Since it is also intended to use the building for Community Education purposes, access for the disabled is provided via a drop kerb in the car park with a ramp to the main entrance door. A disabled toilet is also provided.
It is considered that this new fire station will provide a valuable enhancement to the emergency work of the Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade, as well as a focal point for the local community.


Firefighter Stephen Baker
Firefighter Maxine Bamford
Firefighter Brian Bell
Firefighter Aldo Falcone
Firefighter Mary Fallas
Firefighter Christine Jaffray
Firefighter Kenneth Lindsay
Firefighter Bernard Quinn
Firefighter Douglas Scott
Firefighter David Wilson
Leading Firefighter John Connell
Leading Firefighter Andrew Cook
Leading Firefighter John Riva


Sub Officer Kenny Taylor
Sub Officer Kenny Wilson

(From the Official Programme for the Opening of Lauder Fire Station)


Princess visits Borders

<PHOTO> TEDDY BEAR. The Princess Royal presents Lauder Cornet Angus Crombie-Smith with a limited edition firefighter teddy bear at the inauguration of the town's new fire station. Her Royal Highness travelled to Lauder after opening the new Stow Primary School. For reports and pictures...See pages three and four.
(Border Telegraph, Tuesday September 5, 2000. Front Page)


New fire station opens at Lauder

LAUDER was afire with firefighters on Friday afternoon, but there was no smoke, fire or emergency - only celebrations at the opening of the town's new fire station, writes Gavin Gibbon.
A large crowd of local people gathered in the industrial estate at the north end of the town to watch as Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal opened the facility.
The new station will serve the Lauder area, part of the region where it was felt sufficient cover was not provided in the past.
In 1997, a report presented to Lothian and Borders Fire Board indicated the poor response times for Lauder and the surrounding area.
It was agreed that a station and retained crew be created and, with the approval of the Board and support from Scottish Borders Council, a crew was recruited and work began on the station in January this year.
The Fire Board convener, Councillor Ken Harrold, believes the new facility marks a significant move for the service.
He said: "I think this is a major statement from Lothian and Borders Fire Board that we care about the communities and we care about the fire cover and I think this is going to make an important contribution to fire safety in the area.
"The original standard was pre war and, given this growing community, to meet call out times it was essential to get this station up and running."
On Friday, the 15 recruits, who trained at Gullane over the past year, became fully fledged firefighters.
Bernard Quinn, who has lived in Lauder for six years, expressed his delight at the new surroundings.
He said: "It's a fabulous new building and they have really done us proud.
"We're all really proud to be doing our bit for the town."
For Maxine Bamford, one of three female firefighters at the new station, there was nervous anticipation.
She said: "I think we're all looking forward to going out on our first run.
"We've not had our first call out yet and I'm a bit apprehensive, but I'm sure everything will go well.
"The training has been very good."
Station commander Tom Munro paid tribute to the team of firefighters. He said: "It's been an excellent day and I'm absolutely delighted.
"For Princess Anne to come along and open the fire station is a tribute to the hard work and to the people of Lauder." On arrival at the new station, HRH The Princess Royal was met by the Lord Lieutenant, Dr June Paterson Brown, who introduced her to Councillor Harrold. local councillor Bill Hardie and Firemaster Colin Cranston.
From there she was given a tour of the station, taking in the lecture room, locker room, appliance bay and other facilities.
The princess signed the commemorative booklet before making her way to the car park to conduct the opening ceremony.
Lauder Cornet Angus Crombie-Smith and the fire crew were driven into the car park on a vintage appliance, led by a piper and local schoolchildren.
The Cornet presented the Princess Royal with a pair of scissors to cut the tape before she met the new station staff.
At the end of the ceremony, she presented Angus with a valuable limited edition firefighter teddy bear for the town to use for the Common Riding fund raising.
He said: "This has been a big day for everyone here and a big day for Lauder.
"It is something that has brought the whole community together."
Councillor Bill Hardie, who has worked hard on campaigning for a new station, was equally pleased with the day's proceedings.
He said: "this is a very modern looking building, but it is also very functional.
"The very fact that it is now up and running gives me great pleasure."
<PHOTO> The Princess Royal cuts the tape to open the new fire station in Lauder. Her Royal Highness was previously taken on a tour of the facility by Firemaster Colin Cranston, centre left, while Lauder Cornet Angus Crombie-Smith presented scissors to carry out the ceremony.
<PHOTO> Her Royal Highness chats with the retained fire crew at Lauder Fire Station after the official opening ceremony. Leading Fireman John Connell talks about why he decided to join the service.
(Border Telegraph, September 5, 2000. Page 4)


A royal seal of approval

Princess Anne's next engagement took her to Lauder Industrial Estate, where she opened the newly completed fire station. Arriving just after 2pm to a large gathering of residents, she was welcomed by the Lord-Lieutenant and introduced to the convener of the fire board, councillor Ken Harrold, vice convener and former provost, councillor Bill Hardie and firemaster, Colin Cranston.
Standing on the outskirts of the town, the building, which includes facilities for a fire appliance and 15 retained firefighters, now provides Lauder with a new one bay station to cover the whole of the area.
Before cutting the official ribbon the royal visitor was treated to a tour of the premises by firemaster Cranston. The princess took great interest in the operation of the station and again spoke to everyone involved as she made her way through the operations room, the locker room and the appliance bay itself.
After being invited to perform the official opening by this year's cornet, Angus Crombie-Smith, who arrived at the station, with several firefighters, on a vintage fire engine, Princess Anne then met the 15 members of the crew.
Afterwards retained firefighter, Christine Jaffray, who was part of the line up, said: "The Princess asked me how my family felt about me being a firefighter and what I did as my main job? I told her my family are fine with what I do and I'm a registered nurse, which can come in handy when I'm called out.
"I decided to become a firefighter because it was a challenge for me and it was something for the community that I could be involved in. They had an open day and I thought I would give it a go, I never thought for a minute that I would actually make it, but here I am.
"Our new station is absolutely tremendous. When they were building it I kept coming up to have a look at it to see how it was going."
Following the Princess Royal's departure Tom Munro, the assistant divisional officer said: "We are absolutely delighted with the new fire station, primarily because it is a base for Lauder and the people of the town. When a fire station is provided for a small town it takes a lot from the people who live here to make sure that the fire department runs.
"These firefighters have worked so hard over the last 12 months and this is just a wonderful combination to have Princess Anne to come along and open the station. The good thing about it is the community focus, because now it is a community fire station. Schoolchildren, the elderly and any of the residents can come here to learn about fire safety.
"The design of the building is really nice, and I have spoken to Ray Cherry from the outset and the good thing about it is that he has taken a lot of advice from firefighters at other retained fire stations. So most of the things that they would have wanted are here, we have a cutting edge retained fire station here."
Agreeing with Mr Munro's comments, councillor Bill Hardie added: "The fire station was undoubtedly badly needed in the town because neither Gala or Dalkeith could really meet the time. They were outside the allotted time suggested it should take to respond to an incident, sometimes they were taking up to 20 minutes to get here.
"Even with the best will in the world, they just could not do it. There was definitely a gap in the service here and I have been at it for a long time trying to persuade the board to cut that time and the only way to do that was to get a new station.
"It is unusual, that in these days of cutbacks, that they have put in a new station on the site and I'm very, very pleased with this."
Following Friday's proceedings, which were also a highlight for the assistant architectural manager with SBC's technical services department, Ray Cherry, as the princess opened not just one, but two buildings design by him and his team, Mr Cherry said: "It's very difficult to describe how I feel when my designs are built. But to see something that you have designed to go from the tracing paper to bricks and mortar and become a real thing is great."
<PHOTO> SMILES ALL AROUND. Princess Anne meets the senior officials of the fire service and the 15 firefighters of Lauder's new retained fire station.
<PHOTO> CUTTING THE RIBBON. The royal visitor is watched by Lauder Cornet Angus Crombie-Smith and firemaster, Colin Cranston, as she officially opens the new station at Lauder industrial estate.
Report by Lorraine Kennedy. Pictures by Alistair Watson.
(The Southern Reporter, Thursday, September 7, 2000. Page 9)




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