1995?                      Down at Heli Pad                                                    Photo



Officer in Charge


? to ?                      Station Officer ?

? to ?                      Station Officer ?

2007                        Station Officer Thomas Holland  (there are also 2 ADOs Fire Safety)






                First                        Spare                                      Van

1992        18RN23                  18RN24                                   09RN77        also 84RN14

2001        00RN69                  00RN71                                  06RN30
2001        00RN69                  B299YDE                               06RN30

2004        SS03EXD               00RN69                                  ?

2006        SV05EYS                SS03EXD                              SP04XXH             



18RN23                  Dennis (ex West Midlands FS POB977R)                                         WrL

18RN24                  Dennis (ex West Midlands FS POB981R)                                         WrL

09RN77                  Ford Transit Hi-Top                                                                             Van

84RN14                  Bedford                                                                                                  WrL?

00RN69                  Volvo FL6-14/Carmichael                                                                    WrT

00RN71                  Volvo FL6-14/Carmichael                                                                    WrT

06RN30                  Transit                                                                                                    Van

B299YDE               Dennis/Carmichael                                                                               WrT

SS03EXD               MAN 14-220 4x4/Emergency One                                                      WrT

SP04XXH              Mercedes 4x4/Emergency One                                                           ISU

SV05EYS                MAN 14-220 4x4/Emergency One                                                     WrL


Due to problems with 00RN71 which was back at Carmichaels for repairs, a Carmichael spare appliance B299YDE (liveried up as CARMICHAEL) was on the run in its place.


Appliance Photos




? to 2006                Defence Fire Service

5/4/2006                 Defence Fire and Rescue Service


The Defence Fire and Rescue Service comes under DFRMO, Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation





The transit van is used as back up and carries specialist equipment (airlines and other things) and the trailer contains Hi-Ex foam generators plus foam


The Incident Support Unit carries an Air Line for confined space rescue when a BA set canít be worn, Four extended duration BA sets (90 mins), Rope rescue lines, Spill kits, Drain covers, Water turbine smoke extraction equipment and other pieces of kit.


Unit formed about 1991, before that cover provided by Local Authority. Present station built 1995?


There is a Station Officer in charge of the Station with four watches consisting of:-

1 Sub Officer

1 Leading Firefighter

5 Firemen


1 man mans the watchroom.


The minimum crewing is six and as of 2006 each watch has 1 Watch Manager, 1 Crew Manager and 5 Firefighters. There is 1 Station Manager in charge of the station, 1 Group Manager in Edinburgh who has 3 stations and an Area Manager in Stirling.


This is now Station A02 (2007)





If you know of any mistakes in this or have any additional information please let me know.


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