RAF Kinloss is a CAT 4A airfield and as such have a complement of forty two men, working 4 shifts. Each shift has ten men, 1 Sub Officer, 3 Leading Firemen and 6 Firefighters, manning 1 Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) and 2 Major Foam Vehicles (MFV). There is an Assistant Divisional Officer in overall charge, who with a Station Officer does Fire Prevention and Administration on the base. On a fully manned shift the vehicles are manned RIV 4 and MFVs 3 each. The RIV also provides domestic cover for the base backed up by the Local Authority Fire Brigade.


Officer in Charge

2002                    Assistant Divisional Officer G. Kearsey



? to mid 1950s Current MRT vehicle bays (2011)
1950s to 1960s New station on North side of hanger No. 2
Late 1960s 5 bay station next to the Control Tower (still there 2011)



  Fire 1 Fire2 Fire3 Spare ISV Land Rover Car
2002 RH06AA 38AY90 PA99AA RZ05AA      


38AY90 Unipower/Carmichael MFV
NF59AA LWB Land Rover Run around
PA98AA Unipower/Carmichael MFV
PA99AA Unipower/Carmichael MFV
RH06AA Alvis/Unipower RIV
RH12AA Alvis/Unipower RIV
RY96AA Unipower/Carmichael MFV
RZ05AA Unipower/Carmichael MFV now an MFV2 (2011)
SF56XWS Vauxhall Astra OIC vehicle
SY58GXU Vauxhall Movano ISV



The current MRT vehicle bays were used as a Fire Section up to the mid 50s. When flying was in progress the "Crash Line" was parked adjacent to ATC.
During the 60s the current Ground Equipment office was used by the WO/FS IC the Fire Service as a "Admin/HQ" office.
During the 50s, 60s and early 70s the RAF Fire Service had a "dedicated" Domestic fire vehicle. This was housed in the PSA complex. Faded lettering above the garage door showing that it once was a "Fire Section" can still be seen today.
During the 50s a new station was established on the north side of No. 2 Hanger. This remained the home for the "Crash Line" until the present station came into use in the late 60s.
The present station was originally a four bay station with office block to the right of the bays. At some point the two leftmost bays were bricked up and a new two bay extension was built to the right of the office block.

The base also has three 90 litre AFFF20 foam extinguishers mounted on trolleys.

Although now part of the Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation the Firefighters at the base are RAF personnel.

OIC of Station is a Warrant Officer (Fire Brigade equivalent Station Manager)
OIC of Watch is a Sergeant (Fire Brigade equivalent Watch Manager)
Corporal (Fire Brigade equivalent Crew Manager)
SAC (Fire Brigade equivalent Firefighter)
Crash 1 the RIV is manned by a Corporal and 2 SAC
Crash 2 the MFV is manned by a Sergeant and 2 SAC
(June 2011)

The MFVs were upgraded to MFV2s (both painted red) and will now be upgraded and called MFV Floridian and these will be sand coloured and rotate through bases around the world.


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