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Officer in Charge


1983                        Assistant Divisional Officer Elleman?

2002                        Station Officer Mark Peters






                                Crash1                    Crash2                    Crash3                    Spare                Run around

1990                        09AY92                   09AY93

2002                        RH07AA                38AY91                                                   RZ04AA

2011                        RH07AA                38AY88                                                                             FP43AB



09AY92                  Range Rover/Carmichael                                                    TACR2A

09AY93                  Range Rover/Carmichael                                                    TACR2A

38AY88                  Carmichael/Unipower MFV2                                              MFV

38AY91                  Carmichael/Unipower MFV                                                MFV

FP43AB                  Citreon Relay                                                                       Pick up

RH07AA                Alvis                                                                                      RIV

RZ04AA                Carmichael/Unipower                                                          MFV






A basic two day, two night and four off system is worked to provide:-

1 Sub Officer         1 Leading Firefighter           3 Firefighters

This is augmented during the day (7-30 to 2-30) with:-

1 Leading Firefighter

3 Firefighters

and when there are movements at anytime by the number required for the Category of the movement. The rota for the rest is rather complicated.

The total staff on the base is:-

1 Station Officer

4 Sub Officers

7 Leading Firemen

21 Firemen

At weekends unless there are any movements only domestic cover is provided by five men.

The Firefighters work a normal 48 hour shift which works out at a 42 hour week.

The RIV and MFV are crewed 5 & 5 (Min 4 & 3).  (2002)


At the weekend Min crew is 4 for domestic cover and 7 during the week. (June 2011)


Although now part of the Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation the Firefighters at the base are civilians.









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