Commonly known as the ALFA appliance this vehicle was funded by The Scottish Government. After coming off the run as a Water Tender Ladder at Tarbert M904DDS was refurbished by workshops who did up the O/S lockers and the cab, a firm then came in and did the electrics and audio visual.
The cab walls are carpeted and has a bench seat in the rear and the driver and OIC seats backs fold forward and a screen is pulled down from above the windscreen to the rear of the seats to make a small cinema for 4 adults or 6 children. The rear windows are tinted black and black curtains are drawn round the front windows and windscreen.
The front and rear nearside lockers have a flat screen television in each and the middle locker contains  the DVD player, Hard Disc, docking station for a computer and a Public address system. The front off side locker contains a 230V generator which slides out on a featherweight pump cradle. Above the N/S lockers there is a large LED display on which messages can be put up and above that an awning winds out to shade the televisions in bright sunlight. There is also a GOBO on the appliance, this can apparently project messages onto the ground.

I have been told that The Scottish Government have funded one of these vehicles to each of the eight brigades in Scotland but this is the only one I know about.


The ALFA appliance with awning out.                               101_5889                          26/7/2009

The near side showing the TVs.                                       101_5890                            26/7/2009

The ALFA appliance with awning out.                               101_5891                          26/7/2009

The projection screen in the cinema cab.                            101_5903                         26/7/2009

The seat in the cinema cab                                               101_5904                   26/7/2009



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