Strathclyde Fire and Rescue are required to attend incidents involving Pets, livestock and wild animals which have become stuck in bogs, rivers, ravines, up trees or have been involved in Road Traffic Collisions whilst being transported. This can either be in a humanitarian assistance or for the safety of the public. As a result a Large Animal Incident Working Group was established which resulted in SFR entering into a partnership with Glasgow University's Weiper Institute of Veterinary Medicine which will assist in the training of firefighters and Vets. So far 2 personnel have attended a four day AR3 Instructors Course at Lyndhurst in the New Forest run by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and a further two will be attending the same course. The course will consist of :-

Animal Rescue Units will be based at Campbeltown, Lesmahagow and Maybole.

The Units at Cambletown and Maybole have equipment kept in the station supplied by a local vet, Lesmahagow doesn't have any equipment. (February 2012)

When the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was formed in 2013 the Animal Rescue Units were disbanded and the equipment taken from stations to a central store. One of the Crew Managers at Maybole has managed to get their equipment back and is setting up a charity do deal with animals requiring rescue.



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