In 1993 Strathclyde Fire Brigade purchased a Scot Trak Garron and based it at Arrochar. It is transported on a trailer which is towed by a Land Rover. The Land Rover has a crew cab but when the ATV is turned out it only goes with a crew of two as the ATV can only carry two. It is used to gain access to moorland that cannot be reached by a normal fire appliance to ferry equipment and is turned out on request of the Officer in Charge of an incident.

In 1995 a Scot Track Glencoe was  purchased by the Brigade and stationed at Douglas and in 1998 another Scotrak Glencoe was purchased and put on the run at Ayr crewed by the Retained crew there.




Within Strathclyde there are extensive areas of forestry and moorland which can present firefighters with major problems with regard to access for appliances, personnel and equipment. In order to overcome some of the problems mentioned above, Strathclyde Fire Brigade has purchased an All Terrain Vehicle which is capable of traversing areas of moorland and forest inaccessible to normal wheeled vehicles.

There are now two of these vehicles in the Brigade, one at Arrochar and this one at Douglas. The vehicle is a diesel powered Glencoe manufactured by Scot Track of Nairn. The all Terrain Vehicle operates on four-wheeled tracks for maximum manoeuvrability over rough terrain. a firefighting capability is provided by a pump to the rear of the chassis which supplies two hosereels.



                   GLENCOE HYDROSTATIC

                   ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE


Length                                   2.750m

Width                                     2.1m

Payload                                  750kg

Engine                                    4 cylinder, 1355cc water cooled

Fuel Tank                              14.32 litres (7 hours capacity)

Maxium Speed                      10 m.p.h.

Towing Limit                         356kg

Gradients                               The vehicle can negotiate a 40degree gradient both climbing and decending.

                                                The above 40degreegradient can also be achieved in line with the axle.


MANUFACTURER             Scot-Track, Unit 10, Balmakeith Industrial Estate, Nairn

APPLIANCE COST             30,000





ATVs In Brigade


F148        Arrochar                Scot Trak Garron

E158        Douglas                 Scot Trak Glencoe

D018       Ayr                         Scot Trak Glencoe


2002  Strathclyde Fire Fire Brigade put the three ATVs off the run after an incident on "The Cobbler" and they have all been sold out of the brigade.


Photos of All Terrain vehicles


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