2 Pump Wholetime.


14/9/1962                 69 Raithburn Avenue, Glasgow, G45                    Photos (before and after refurbishment)



1962 to 1975 Glasgow Fire Service Firemaster's
1975 Strathclyde Fire Brigade Firemasters



? PUS258 Dennis F12/Dennis PE
? 585EGE AEC Mercury/Merryweather PL
1962 940FGE AEC Marquis/Haydon  
1973 GYS176L Dodge K850/Carmichael/Simon Scoosher Mk2A WrL/Sch


  First Second
1976 GYS176L 940FGE
1980 GGG662T KGE454N
1983 OGD70V SGD392W
1988 E145XDS D999SSU
1994 L721UGA L723UGA
2006 L723UGA J174GUS
2006 SF06MYJ L723UGA
2008 SF06MYJ SF57JCX
2012 May SF61DHC SF57JCX
2013 SF61DHC SF13GXN


940FGE AEC Marquis/Haydon WrL
GYS176L Dodge K850/Carmichael/Simon Scoosher Mk2A WrL/Sch
KGE454N Dodge K850/Fulton and Wylie WrL
GGG662T Dodge /HCB Angus WrL
OGD70V Bedford KG/HCB Angus CSV/Fulton and Wylie WrL
SGD392W Bedford KG/HCB Angus CSV/Fulton and Wylie WrL
E145XDS Scania 92M/Fulton and Wylie WrL
D999SSU Scania 92M/Fulton and Wylie WrL
J174GUS Scania G93M-210/Emergency One WrL
L721UGA Scania P93M-210/Emergency One WrL (RTA write off)
L723UGA Scania P93M-210/Emergency One WrL
SF06MYJ Scania P270/JDC RPL
SF57JCX Scania P270/JDC RPL
SF61DHC Scania P280/JDC/Polybilt RPL (trialling 'E' pump)
SF13GXN Scania P280/JDC/Polybilt RPL




Glasgow's Fire Service was praised yesterday by the Lord Provost, Mrs Jean Roberts, when she formally opened a new station at Raithburn Avenue, Castlemilk. Mrs Roberts said that the average householder had the security of a first class fire service for an outlay of about 1s a week in rates.
Bailie Philip Stinton, convener of the corporation's police and fire brigade committee, said the station, which cost £62,000 and will serve the Castlemilk, Croftfoot, Simshill, Merrylee, Cathcart and Muirend areas, was the fifteenth in the city. When one other station was opened in Easterhouse Glasgow would be strategically ringed with fire stations.
(The Glasgow Herald, Saturday 15th September, 1962. Page 12)


The opening of Pollok and Castlemilk stations has greatly accelerated attendance in those areas and the fire cover is therefore much improved. Both stations were designed by and built under the supervision of the City Architect’s staff at a cost of approximately £64,000 each. The general layout and facilities, provided both from the operational aspect and from the requirements of the station personnel, were much admired by those present at the opening ceremonies and much favourable comment was made by representatives from all branches of Fire Service and ancillary organisations. As stated elsewhere, the Rt. Honourable the Lord Provost officiated at both ceremonies, Pollok on Monday, 16th April, 1962, and Castlemilk on Friday, 14th September, 1962. Councillor Isabella Carter, J.P., presided at the Pollok ceremony in her capacity as Convener of the Sub committee on Fire Brigade and Lighting, with Bailie Philip Stinton, J.P. Convener of the Police, etc., Committee, occupying the chair at Castlemilk. Both ceremonies were well attended by members of the Corporation, senior officials, representatives of neighbouring Fire Authorities and the Scottish Home and Health Department and other interested guests.
(Report of the Firemaster of the City of Glasgow, 1962.)

A major refurbishment of Castlemilk Community Fire station was due to start on Monday 6th February 2012. The work will be completed over two phases with phase one concentrating on extending the existing office accommodation and providing a new community room. Phase two, due to commence in July of this year, will see a second floor being built above the existing accommodation section.
(SFR News 3/2/2012)

When they went to build the second floor it was discovered the foundations weren't strong enough to take the additional weight so the existing accommodation block, to the right of the bays, has had to be demolished and a completely new block will be built. (August 2012).

Refurbished station re-dedicated 26/3/2013.


1962 to 1975 Glasgow Fire Service
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (Name change only.)


Establishment 1962





2 Water Tender Ladders

2 Station Officers



2 Sub Officers



4 Leading Firemen



36 Firemen



5 Firewomen/Telephonists


Establishment 2000

  Equipment  Wholetime
  2 Water Tender Ladders 4 Station Officers
    4 Sub Officers
    4 Leading Firefighters
    44 Firefighters

The Staff are split over four watches (Red, Blue, Green and White) 1 Station Officer, 1 Sub Officer, 1 Leading Firefighter and 11 Firefighters working 2 days, 2 nights and 4 days off. Water Tenders are normally manned 5 and 4.




26th March 2013 


<PHOTOS> Castlemilk Fire Station, 1962; Prior to building work; The diggers move in. 


Ladies and gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Castlemilk Community Fire Station for its rededication. Today we celebrate the many courageous men and women who have served the people of Glasgow from this place, and extend our hopes for the safety of all those who will do so in the years to come.
We all know that firefighters are at the heart of their communities. Strathclyde Fire & Rescue is made up of ordinary members of the public who give extraordinary dedication to our fellow citizens. This newly refurbished station is of course a base for those protectors of the public, but it is a great community asset in other ways too.
Prior to this refurbishment, our local partners identified an urgent need for a space for groups to stage activities within this part of Castlemilk. This station now includes a new community room, which will be available for use by residents of the area and will provide a place where our fire reach courses can be held. The room will be well used. It will add great value to the area and, most importantly, it will help develop the strong and enduring relationship between members of the public and their Fire Service. In the fight to protect people from fire and prevent tragedy striking our communities, this Service knows the tremendous worth of that partnership.
Local suppliers, shops and tradespeople have contributed to this new facility. An unemployed labourer was hired by the construction company, MITIE, and given training in site safety and a number of different trades to greatly improve his prospects within the industry Prisoners at HMP Barlinnie also learned new skills to help them forge new careers on their release.
With help from Ardenglen Housing Association and the Teen Zone Youth Committee, this project has also delivered another great community resource with the refurbishment of the local football pitch. The pitch not only gave this community a place for sports, it made it safer — reducing fire-related anti-social behaviour cutting significantly the number of fires.
So, as we gather to rededicate Castlemilk Community Fire Station, we can take pride in its contribution to the area and its residents. We thank our staff and our partners who helped bring this initiative to fruition. We re-affirm our goal that it will always be a valuable asset for the community; we express our unwavering support for those brave firefighters who will protect the public from this base; and we salute all those who went before 

Brian P Sweeney
Chief Officer, Strathclyde Fire & Rescue




Station Commander John Young 

Area Commander David Proctor 

Fiona McGovern (Ardenglen Housing Association) 

Chief Officer Brian P Sweeney QFSM DUniv. MA 

The Rt Hon The Lord Provost of Glasgow
Councillor Sadie Docherty 

Father Jim Thomson and Reverend Gordon Armstrong 

Councillor Joe Lowe (Convener of the Board of SFR) 

Chief Officer Brian P Sweeney and Councillor Joe Lowe 

Chief Officer Brian P Sweeney




Castlemilk Fire Station was officially opened on the 14th September 1962 by the Lord Provost of Glasgow Mrs Jean Roberts. This was the fifteenth station in the city of Glasgow.
The original station was designed by Archibald George Jury, City Architect for Glasgow (1951 — 1972). The cost of the original build was £62,000 which according to Lord Provost Roberts amounted to an outlay of one shilling a week in rates for the security of a First class service across the city. The building programme in 1962 saw a huge investment in the provision of new fire stations across Glasgow with Pollok Fire Station being opened in April 1962 and Castlemilk’s identical twin station being opened in Easterhouse in 1964.
The refurbishment of Castlemilk was carried out over two phases with phase one commencing in January 2012 by Clark Contracts. This saw an extension being built onto the original office accommodation to create a new Community Room which will prove to be a valuable resource for the local community. This will be utilised by residents groups, youth committees and local partnership organisations to deliver and encourage community safety messages and increase partnership working to make Castlemilk and greater Glasgow safer places to live, work and visit.
Phase 2 saw the accommodation side of the station being completely demolished, and a new two storey accommodation and training suite being built fit for the 21st century by Mitie Contracts. BMJ architects who designed and managed the entire project in collaboration with SFR’s property section and Project Manager Claire Owens have delivered a fantastic environmentally efficient building we can all be very proud of. The use of Solar panels and energy efficient heating and insulation materials will also help to reduce the carbon footprint which is so important for today’s environmental protection.
Over the last 50 years the station has provided much needed protection to the local communities of Castlemilk, Croftfoot, Simshill, Mertylee, Cathcart and Muirend Areas.
Some well-known members of our current Corporate Management Team learned their trade and honed their skills during appointments at Castlemilk. Chief Officer Brian Sweeney served here as a Temporary Station Officer in 1990, ACO Robert Scott and DACO Garry Milne also served time here at Castlemilk. All of them have a place in Castlemilk’s history and have always shown a keen interest in the development of the Station.



The Community Benefits aspect of this project which is now contained in every public sector tender contract over a certain value resulted in a local unemployed construction labourer being employed for the duration of phase two to keep the site clean and safe, as well as working alongside the other trades learning new skills to take forward and increase his employability for the future.
Partnership with Barlinnie Prison saw the mesh lockers for fire kit being constructed by inmates training in metal fabrication and working towards SVQ qualifications. Refurbishment of a disused local football pitch by MITIE has given back a community space for outdoor activity to youth groups. This will be used to assist in our local sports diversionary programme managed by the Teen Zone Youth Committee and supported by Ardenglen and Northview Housing associations.
Local partnership working is fundamental to reducing fire related incidents and the Station will use our new facilities to best advantage in meeting our community responsibilities.
<PHOTOS> A local unemployed construction labourer received industry training with MITIE.
MITIE also refurbished a disused local football pitch.
<DRAWINGS> of the station (2).


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