Strathclyde's first Control Unit was inherited from the Glasgow Fire Service






A new control unit now in operation with Strathclyde Fire Brigade is based on a Fiat 60 F 10 high top, long wheelbase, van.
“This type of vehicle has proved reliable and effective as a technical support unit, mobile workshops and mobile stores recently brought into service within the brigade,” says Firemaster R. Knowlton.
The layout was designed by members of the Operations Section at Brigade Headquarters and the conversion work carried out by John Stuart & Co. (Wishaw) Ltd. Internally it measures 16 ft by 6 ft. At one end, in an area of 9 ft by 6 ft is a full
length console and wallboard where two operators can work comfortably. This leaves an area 7 ft. by 6 ft fitted out as a general conference area. A sliding door separates the two.
An auxiliary battery pack supplies electrical power. A compact lightweight 110 volt Dale generator float charges the
batteries during use at an incident. The vehicle is fitted with a combined multi-note electronic siren and public address system.
Communications equipment consists of a multi-channel auto-searching radio phone, two independent fireground radio base sets with six hand portables and the brigade’s broadcast system.
(Fire magazine, July 1981, Page 80.)

PUS225W apparently started its 'life' as a mobile uniform distribution vehicle operated by the Stores.

On 14 April 2005 the Board agreed that the existing Command and Control vehicle be replaced with 3 small Forward Control Units (FCUs) and 1 large Command Unit. The existing Command Unit based at Springburn Fire Station was crewed permanently by 12 wholetime firefighters, however, the new systems of crewing for all 4 vehicles would reduce the need for the 12 permanent staff and allow those posts to be redeployed to other duties.

The new Command Unit will be a 40' articulated trailer which as well as being used for Command and Control will also be used for Commumity Fire Safety Work.

Major Incident Command Unit
During 2007 Cebotec
, a bodybuilder based in Falkirk, manufactured a 40ft Command and Control unit built on a stepped trailer frame which has been successfully added to Strathclyde’s fleet. Totally self sufficient, the unit is fitted with a whisper generator that provides the power for all onboard functions. Various computer and communication systems, a 12m pneumatic mast with thermal imaging ‘Metal Mickey’ CCTV camera, peripheral CCTV, satellite communication and two 40tin plasma screens overlaid with electronic white boards are included.
The forward placed command suite offers privacy to senior managers and officers who can monitor all operations while retaining the ability to communicate to, and manage, situations that may arise. A fully functional operations suite completes the unit which is also equipped with an onboard disabled persons access hoist, fully equipped kitchen and toilet.
This vehicle has a separate control room, briefing room, toilet and a small kitchen fitted with a microwave, refrigerator and sink. The control room has three console positions, air conditioning and a heating system. The "Metal Mickey" camera is mounted on a mast which can extend to 13.7metres.  The Command Unit will attend all incidents of eight pumps or more. This appliance will also be used to promote fire safety and for this purpose a wheelchair lift has been fitted so there will be no access problems at these Community Safety presentations.
The FCUs will attend Level 2 responses and will travel at normal road speed without blue lights. The Command Unit will attend Level 4 responses. When the Command Unit arrives at an incident the FCU crew will move onto the Command Unit.




1975? to 1981


Austin FFG/Mitchell

Call Sign HQCU       Photo

1981 to 1987?


Fiat 60F10

Call Sign C017          Photo

1987? to 1994?


Dodge G10/Scott

Call Sign C017          Photo

1994? to 2006


Scania K93/Leicester Carriage builders

Call Sign C017          Photo

2007 to SF06DTX Mercedes Axor 1840LS 4x2 Tractor Unit plus 40' Trailer Call Sign R04Q1       Photo



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