1 Pump Retained


? to 1948                                  Afton Recreation Hut (Hut purchased by hosiery manufacturer and Station closed as a result)

25/11/1965 to                           Castle Mains Avenue, New Cumnock, KA18 4BQ                         Photo

Official opening 25/5/1966, station occupied 25/11/1965.




1965 to 1966 Sub Officer John L Rowan (LODD RTA 1966)
1966 to 1986 Sub Officer John Shankland
1986 to 27/9/1988 Sub Officer David Wallace
1988 to 2006 Sub Officer John Crearie
2006 to 2007 Temporary Watch Manager Alex Cook
2007 to 31/7/2021 Watch Commander Gus Hart
1/8/2021 to Watch Commander Jamie Robertson




1965 GLE24 Austin K2/Home Office ? HrT
1966 GUC8 Austin K2/Home Office? HrT
1967? GSD516E Bedford J4SZ3/HCB Angus WrT
1976 SAG274J Bedford TK/HCB Angus WrT
1983 VGG409R Dodge K1113/Fulton and Wylie WrL
1989 GGB124T Dodge K1613/HCB Angus WrL
1992 LGD633Y Bedford TK/Fulton and Wylie Fire Warrior WrL
1994 K670OSU Volvo F6-18/Emergency One WrL
16/12/2009 SF54NZK Scania 94D-260/Saxon RPL
2013 June SF06MYH Scania P270/JDC RPL
24/11/2022 SF11EER Scania P280/JDC/Polybilt RP




The retained station was closed down in 1947.

1965 to 1975 South Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

 When the new call signs were being implemented in the WEST SDA over a 7 week period beginning 31/8/2020 doing 1 LSO Area per week, New Cumnock was changed from Q12 to G30.


The South Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948






1 Large Trailer Pump

1 Leading Fireman


1 Light Trailer Pump

9 Firemen


1 Towing Vehicle



The South Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1957






2 Pump Appliances

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Fireman



8 Firemen


Establishment 2000






1 Water Tender Ladder

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Firefighter



8 Firefighters



January 1963 the Afton Hotel was totally consumed by fire.


The South Western Fire Area joint board were asked yesterday by Ayr County Council to give serious consideration to the standards of future buildings.
The board approved the plans and estimated cost of £14,700 for a fire station at New Cumnock.
A further alternative site for a new fire station Newton Stewart is to be investigated before the September meeting, making three sites in all to be considered after a search lasting several years.
(The Glasgow Herald, Saturday, July 27,1963 page 6)

New Cumnock The retained fire station at New Cumnock was closed down in 1947 as the property was unsuitable and was required for industrial purposes. Negotiations have now bee successfully concluded for the acquisition of a piece of land at the corner of Holm Road and Castlemains Avenue for the erection of a new retained fire station
(South Western Area Fire Brigade Firemaster’s Annual Report 1951.)

New Cumnock The new single bay station at Castle Mains Avenue was completed and became operational on 25th November, 1965. It is pleasing and compact in design and should materially improve the standard of fire cover in the area.
(South Western Area Fire Brigade Annual Report 1965, Page 18.) 

New Cumnock The new single bay retained station was officially inspected on Wednesday, 25th May, 1966, by Baillie James Macaulay, Chairman of the Board, and Mr Thomas P. McIntyre, Vice Chairman. District Councillors, the Architect and Officials of the Board, were represented at the inspection.
This compact, single storey station is of pleasing design with a spacious drill yard to the rear.
(South Western Area Fire Brigade Annual Report 1966, Page 16.)



Some months ago, we told readers the new fire station, in Castlemains Avenue, had come into service. The fire station was officially opened on Wednesday evening of last week, by Bailie James Maculay of Kilmarnock, chairman of the South Western Area Joint Fire Board. Present for the opening and inspection of personnel were representatives of Ayr County Council, Cumnock District County, County Police, and the firemaster and his assistant from the Fire Brigade Headquarters in Ayr.
The fire station is a single storey building, with a flat roof, and the premises comprise – single bay appliance room, watchroom, recreation room, muster bay, kitchen, toilet and stores.
In his opening speech, Bailie Macaulay made the following remarks – “During the time of the national fire service, from 1941 to 1948, a station was in commission at New Cumnock and comprised of a motor car with trailer pump, housed in a wooden hut formerly used as a hosiery. After the war this property was required, and in view of this, the station was disbanded and fire cover provided, as in pre-national fire service days, from the fire station at Old Cumnock.
“At the same time, however, the board were not unmindful of the requirements of this district and possible developments in the future, and provision for a station at New Cumnock was accordingly included in the scheme for the South Western Fire Area.
“Training of personnel necessarily took place before the station could be commissioned on an operational basis and this was carried out at Cumnock Fire Station, by wholetime personnel, from Area Headquarters at Ayr. For some time thereafter, in order to gain the necessary experience, the fire crew from New Cumnock attended incidents at Old Cumnock with the then more experienced crew at that station.
“It was during this period, on February 23, 1966, we suffered that tragic road accident, when Sub Officer Rowan, officer in charge, was killed and five members of the crew were injured. This was a grievous set back at an early stage in the operational development of the station and I would like to express again my deep sympathy for all concerned.
“The greatest triumphs are often achieved in the face of adversity and I am sure this will apply in the case of New Cumnock Fire Station, as the spirit and enthusiasm of the personnel is such that the injured have resumed duty and are determined to gain public acknowledgement as a first class fire station.”
(The Cumnock Chronicle, June 3, 1966. Page 14.)

During the year an intensive training course was held at New Cumnock in preparation for the issue of compressed air breathing apparatus sets.
(South Western Area Fire Brigade Firemaster's Annual Report 1972, Page 23.)

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