1 Pump Retained.


23/11/1952 to June 1986                     Smallburn, MUIRKIRK.

June 1986                                              Smallburn, MUIRKIRK, KA18 3RF                            Photo

The official opening was 29/10/1987.




1961 Sub Officer T. Wylie
1965? to 1988 Sub Officer Sam Hilditch
1988 to 4/1994 Sub Officer David Mackin
6/1994 to 1997 Sub Officer Stewart Burns
1997 to 1998 Sub Officer Ian Fox
11/12/1998 to 2016 Sub Officer Derek Davidson
2016 to Watch Manager George Kelly




  GGX677 Austin K2/Home Office Ex ATV HrT
1976 CAG276C Bedford J5SZ3/HCB Angus WrT
1983 TSD403N Bedford TK/HCB Angus WrT
1989 EGD275X Bedford KG/CFE WrL
1994 J163GUS Scania 93M-210/Emergency One WrL
2008 SG02UKF Scania 94D-260/Emergency One RPL
2013 October SF57JCX Scania P270/JDC RPL
2017 Aug 20 SF10EJA Scania P280/JDC/Polybilt RPL




???? to 1941 Muirkirk Fire Brigade?
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 South Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



The South Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948






1 Large Trailer Pump

1 Leading Fireman


1 Light Trailer Pump

9 Firemen


1 Towing Vehicle



The South Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1957






2 Pump Appliances

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Fireman



8 Firemen


Establishment 2000






1 Water Tender Ladder

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Firefighter



8 Firefighters




Muirkirk’s year old fire station was officially opened and dedicated last Thursday.
Built at a cost of £267,000, the station has been operational since June 1986 and has so far attended 134 fire calls.
Thursday’s opening was carried out by Councillor William Harley, chairman of the Police and Fire Committee of Strathclyde Regional Council, with the dedication performed by the Brigade Divisional Chaplain, the Rev. Elizabeth Houston.
Officials present included Councillor Harley, his vice chairman Councillor Andrew Ferguson, Firemaster of Strathclyde Clive Halliday, Deputy Firemaster John Hales, Assistant Divisional Officer Alex McCluskie, Divisional Commander for ‘D’ Division James McCartney, and Assistant Divisional Officer for Muirkirk William Andrew.
(The Cumnock Cronicle. Thursday, November 5, 1987. Page 18)




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