1 Pump Retained.



? to ? Portion of Ayr County Council's Store (there in 1950)

? to 1962

Kings Road, BEITH. (now called Bellmans Close)

23/2/1962 King's Road, BEITH, KA15 2BJ                Photo



Officers in Charge


? to ? Firemaster Wm. Dale
? to ? Firemaster Matthew Kerr
? to ? Firemaster Robert Balfour

1948 to28/12/1952?

Leading Fireman Clark

1/5/1953? to 26/7/1953?

Leading Fireman Shearer

26/7/1953? to 31/1/1955?

Section Leader Shearer

5/2/1955? to ?

Sub Officer Shearer (A. Shearer there 1966)

? to ?

Sub Officer Bert Donnelly

? to 1975?

Sub Officer Ian MacLeod

1975? to 16/2/2002

Sub Officer Harold V. Taylor

2002 to 7/3/2003

Sub Officer Jim Morrison

12/9/2003 to 3/2/2004 Sub Officer Jim Cole
4/2/2004 to ?/12/2009 Sub Officer Adam Carruthers
?/12/2009 to 2013? Watch Commander Davie Denholm
? to ? Watch Manager Robert McCulloch
? to ? Watch Manager Archie Stevenson
? to ? Watch Manager Steven Smith
Feb 2015? to Watch Manager Robbie Allan (there Sept 2016)
Aug 2022 to Watch Commander Daniel Irvine



1940 ACS202 Bedford Limosine SP
1962 TCS189 Bedford J5 SZ3/HCB WrT (RTA write off)
1963 GLT913   (Spare)
1964 ACS629B Bedford J5 SZ3/HCB Angus WrT
1983 SGE305R Dodge K850/Fulton and Wylie WrT
1990 EGD270X Bedford KG/CFE WrL
1994 E145XDS Scania G82M/Fulton and Wylie WrL
1998 L725UGA Scania G93-210/Emergency One WrL
2003 M902DDS Scania 93M-220/Emergency One RPL
2011 Jan 26th SF54RMU Scania 94D-260/Saxon RPL
2016 Nov 9 SF07EKD Scania P270/JDC/Polybilt RPL




? to 1941 Beith Fire Brigade?
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 South Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


When the new call signs were being implemented in the WEST SDA over a 7 week period beginning 31/8/2020 doing 1 LSO Area per week, Beith was changed from R15 to G23.

The new fire station at King’s Road, Beith, which is almost completed, will be formally opened by Mr Daniel Sim, Ayr County convener, on the afternoon of Friday, 23rd February. Arrangements for the opening ceremony were reported last Friday to the South Western Fire Area Joint Board.
(The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald February 2, 1962. Page7.)



Official Opening Ceremony

A new Fire Station which will provide protection within Beith and its landward area was officially opened by Mr Daniel Sim, county convener, on Friday afternoon of last week.
Conveniently situated, in Kings Road; Beith and of the most modern design, the new premises form a one storey single bay station with a spacious appliance room, a watchroom, a muster room, a kitchen and a store.

Extensive Drill Yard

Behind the station is an extensive drill yard. The outside fabric is of traditional construction, using Afton facing bricks. All roofs are of flat timber decking, eliminating parapets, and are finished with three layers of bitumen felt.
A particular feature of the building is the cantilever type canopy which covers the washing bay to the rear of the station. And a marble infilling panel which has been introduced at the watchroom window at the front gives an extremely pleasing effect.
The engine room floor is laid with quarry tiles and the watchroom floor is finished with Alamac wooden block. Coloured granolithic forms the remainder of the floor surfaces, and walls, tiled to a height of 6ft. 6ins. in the appliance room, have been treated with smooth plaster finished in contemporary colours.
Heating is of the block storage electric type supplied at “off-peak” rates, and a floodlight is provided under the canopy at the rear to facilitate drills during the winter months.

Asset To Beith

Treasurer John Richmond, Galston, chairman of the South Western Fire Area Joint Board, who presided over the ceremony and who was introduced by Mr H. R. Mackay, Kilmarnock firemaster, gave credit to the architects, Messrs Houston, Kilbirnie, and to all the contractors “for the interest which they have taken in producing this modern Fire Station which, without doubt, will be an asset to Beith and which, I hope, will serve the community for many years to come.”
In the course of a brief history of Beith Fire Brigade-“we have,” he said, “certainly made very considerable strides in the provision of an adequate fire service to cover this town and the surrounding area”-Mr Sim paid tribute to the service rendered as firemaster by Mr Wm. Dale, Mr Matthew Kerr, Mr Robert Balfour, Leading Fireman George Clark, and Mr Alex. Shearer, the present officer in charge.
“It is,” said Mr Sim, “well known to members of the Joint Board that Ayr County Council are responsible for paying around 51 per cent. of the cost of the fire service in this area. That cost is borne by ratepayers within the area which the service covers and I have always felt-and still feel-that the insurance companies should bear quite a large part of the cost of a service of this nature.

Convener’s View

“Time and time again we find services being created and the cost being put on to the ratepayers. I, along with other local authority members, believe that we have reached the stage where money for these services should be on a basis on which the cost would be shared to a greater extent by those who gain the benefit from the services that are provided.”
Proceeding to the Fire Station watchroom, accompanied by Mr Richmond and Mr Mackay, Mr Sim pressed the button to ring the alarm bell which signified that the station was now officially in commission. And local firemen subsequently “turned out” to an imaginary fire occurrence in Beith.
Guests who afterwards inspected the new premises before being entertained to tea included Mr Wm. Paterson, county vice-convener; Mr H. Kerr, county treasurer and treasurer to the Joint Board; Mr Robert Adamson, Chief Constable; Mr John Allan, Water Engineer; Mr Ivie McCaig, County Clerk; Mr W. Thrower, a representative of the Scottish Home Department; Mr Matthew Boyd and other members of Kilbirnie District Council.
(The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald March 2, 1962. Page7.)


Fireman’s Prompt Action

Beith’s new fire engine proved to be a valuable asset on Monday night when a serious outbreak threatened to destroy the S.C.W.S. furniture factory, the Caledonia Cabinet Works, Beith.
The new machine, which can carry 400 gallons of water, was quickly on the scene when the alarm was raised shortly before 11.30 p.m. and Beith firemen had the blaze almost under control when additional appliances arrived from Kilbirnie and Ardrossan.
The fire originated in a boiler house which is adjacent to the main works, and spread to the roof of the factory.

Roof Damaged

Prompt action by the firemen restricted the damage to two small sections of roofing. The boiler house, which was the most seriously affected, is fed by a duct and a large hopper which supplies waste material such as wood dust and shavings from the main building to the boiler fire.
Firemen from Beith also attended to burning wood dust in the cavity walls of the boiler house on Tuesday morning.
Thanks to the promptness of the firemen on Monday night, the factory was able to continue normal production the following day.
The fact that the new fire engine at Beith can carry 400 gallons of water saved valuable time at a period when the whole factory could quickly have become a blazing inferno. About 150 men are employed at the premises.
(The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald June 15, 1962. Page6.)


Four Men Injured

A fire engine was wrecked and destroyed by fire on Monday (30/12/1963) when it overturned, injuring four firemen on the Beith to Lugton road. The engine had been on its way to a fire at Lugton lime works when the accident occurred.
One of the injured men, John Ralston (35), Ash Drive, Beith, was detained in hospital with burns to his face and hands. The others Alexander Shearer (60), David Shedden (53), both of Thornton Avenue, and Granville Irving (27), of Janefield Avenue, Beith, went home after treatment.
A fire detachment from Kilbirnie extinguished the blaze in the fire engine, while another unit from Kilmarnock attended the Lugton fire.
(Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, January 3, 1964. Page 7)
There is a photo of the burnt out appliance in the Strathclyde Fire Brigade Archives in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. (TCS189)



Station A3YA County Water Dept Store
1 AFS Wholetime, 18 AFS Part time, 2 Telephonist, 2 Boy Messengers Part time.
AG                 Morris Towing Lorry Coventry Climax 350/500gpm
                       Dam Unit 500 gall Standard Gwynne 120/200gpm



The South Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948






1 Large Trailer Pump

1 Leading Fireman


1 Light Trailer Pump

9 Firemen


1 Towing Vehicle



The South Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1957






2 Pump Appliances

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Fireman



8 Firemen


Establishment 2000






1 Water Tender Ladder

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Firefighter



8 Firefighters



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