1 Pump 1 Rapid Response Unit Retained.



1913 to Under Town Hall Clifton Street.
???? to 25/7/1973 Gas works Barrend Street.
25/7/1973 Hastie Avenue, MILLPORT, Isle of Cumbrae, KA28 0BS.        Photos



Officer in Charge

1939 to Dick Stewart
1973 Sub Officer William Kelly
  Sub Officer Dennis Kelly
  Sub Officer Mathew Hunter
  Sub Officer Angus McPhail
? to 2003 Sub Officer Douglas McArthur   
2003 to 2014? Station Officer Douglas McArthur  (2003 Station upgraded to 2 pumps 20 crew)
2014? to Watch Manager Davie Bryceland (still there 2017)




1913   Wheel Barrow  
1974 RHS518 Austin FFG/HCB Angus HrT
  CT1 Coventry Climax LTP
1976 WHS290 Dennis F28 WrL
1980 KGA486N Dodge K850/Fulton & Wylie WrL
1989 UGA400W Bedford KG CSV/HCB Angus/Fulton & Wylie WrL
  E140XDS Scania 82M/Fulton and Wylie WrL
1994 G539PGE Scania G93M-210/Fulton & Wylie WrL
  D330YCS Ford Transit (Spare Appliance) VSU


  First Second
2001 G539PGE E144XDS
2003 G539PGE F125LGG
2003 K668OSU F125LGG
2004 M337DSU K668OSU
2008 M337DSU M911DDS
2009 L725UGA (spare) M911DDS
2010 8th September Y543TNS M911DDS
2010 November Y543TNS N823JSU
2012 March Y543TNS N832JSU
2012 11th July Y543TNS P943SGE
2017 Jan SF06GBO Y543TNS
2017 Aug SF06GBO SF06GCK
17/1/2019 SF06GBO SR18BBU



Scania 82M/Fulton and Wylie


F125LGG Volvo FL6-17/Fulton and Wylie WrL


Scania G93M-210/Fulton & Wylie


K668OSU Volvo FL6-18/Emergency One WrL
L725UGA Scania 93M-220/Emergency One (spare) WrL
M337DSU Volvo FL6-18/Emergency One (chassis rotten) WrL
M911DDS Scania 93M-220/Emergency One WrL
N823JSU Scania 93M-220/Emercency One (Retro fit RPL, but on the run as a WrL) WrL
N832JSU Scania 93M-220/Emergency One (Retro fit) WrL
P943SGE Scania 93M-220/Emergency One (Retro fit RPL, but on the run as a WrL) WrL
Y543TNS Scania 94D-260/Emergency One RPL
SF06GBO Scania P270/JDC RPL
SF06GCK Scania P270/JDC RPL
SR18BBU Iveco Daily 70C 18D/Emergency One RRU

The Rapid Response Unit carries a crew of four and is equipped with 2 BA Sets and Cobra Cold Cutting Equipment.



1913 to 1941 Burgh of Millport Fire Brigade
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



The Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Large Trailer Pump 1 Section Leader
  1 Standard Towing Vehicle 1 Leading Fireman
  1 Light Trailer Pump * 9 Firemen

* These appliances are for alternative manning only.


Establishment 2000






1 Water Tender Ladder

1 Sub Officer



1 Leading Firefighter



8 Firefighters


A new steel Drill Tower has been erected to replace the existing steel one. 11/10/2021

When the new call signs were being implemented in the WEST SDA over a 7 week period beginning 31/8/2020 doing 1 LSO Area per week, Millport was changed from R19 to G38.

From 1955 to 1975 there were 11 retained firemen.

During 1959 a Light Trailer Pump was broken up for spares

1958 1 FWP to Millport

Wheelbarrow for Fire Hose purchased at a cost of two pounds, three shillings and three pence.
Fire equipment stored underneath the Town Hall at Clifton Street
Horn to be fitted to boiler of Gas Works to give notice of Fire Alarm, site of fire to be indicated as follows:-
(A) East Bay 1 long and 1 short blast
(B) Centre of Town 1 long and 2 short blasts
(C) West Bay 1 long and 3 short blasts
Fire Drill monthly, six shillings per drill.
Agreed to pay members of the Fire Brigade and their assistants 2.10 pence for attending fire at 16 Ritchie Street.
Warning bells to be installed in Firemen's houses.
Fire Brigade to be taken over by National Fire Service.
Fire Brigade reverted to control of Burgh.
Fire Pump transferred to NFS on 19th August 1941 to be returned to Burgh, now known as Western Area Millport.
Fire Alarm siren to be installed in Garrison roof, free of charge.
Fire Alarm was raised by phoning in to the local Manual Telephone Exchange, operator on duty sets the siren off from the exchange, also the bells in firemen's houses. There was 1 female a Miss Duncan who was employed as a part time Firewoman, on hearing the siren and bells all proceed to the local Gas Works where the Fire Engine was located, Firewoman called the exchange for details of the fire and remained at Gas Works telephone where Firemen phoned her if further assistance was required. The siren was tested every Friday at Noon.
New modern station opened at Hastie Avenue. Name now Strathclyde Fire Brigade.
All part time firemen now carry alerters (radio pagers), when 999 is dialled from Millport, the call is connected to the operator at Greenock Telephone Exchange who asks for the number that is calling and connects the call to the South West Area Fire Brigade Control Room at Ayr telling them the number making the call, they take all the details and call firemen on their alerters. Firemen immediately make their way to the Fire Station at Hastie Avenue. Although a Western Area station calls went to South Western Area Control as back up was from SWAFB stations (Largs, Skelmorlie etc.)
1965 Retainer Fee 44 per annum, call out 12/6 for first hour
1998 Retainer Fee 3,000 per annum, call out 3 for first hour.
(Supplied by local people 15/8/1998)

In 1998 when someone dials 999 or 112(the European emergency number) the call is immediately put through to a free operator in the Warrington(1st choice) or Glasgow(2nd choice) Operator Centre and if none of them are free then it is put through to a free operator in one of the four other Operator Centres in the northern ring, the phone number comes up on her screen along with the name and address of the calling phone and the Emergency Authorities for that area. She highlights the Service required (Fire in this case) and this connects the call to Strathclyde Fire Brigade's Control room at Johnstone to whom she passes verbally the number, name and address (this will soon be transferred electronically), where the Fire Control Operator keys the information about the call into the Command and Control computer, the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) then puts on her screen who the Pre determined attendance will be and if she agrees she presses the accept button. A signal is then sent out over the Brigade's Main Radio Scheme to the appropriate station where the details of the incident are printed on the Station printer and a signal is sent out from the station aerial to activate the alerters for that station. The Firemen then make their way to the station immediately. The alerters are tested every night at 7 p.m. when a different tone is sent.

Millport's new fire station opened

Pictured (from left) are: Firemaster Herbert Morrison of Western Area Fire Service; Angus McPhail, Alex Greig, Alex McLellan, Jackie Stars. Bailie Mrs Elsie Morrison, Millport, Mr Robert Robertson (convener of Renfrew County Council), Mr Peter B. Morton (chairman of Western Area Fire Service Joint Committee), Dennis Kelly. Back row - Fred Elliott, William Kelly (Millport Firemaster), Dan McGregor (beck row) and Matt Hunter.
BRILLIANT sunshine was descdbed as a "good omen" by chairman Mr Robert Robertson, CBE, FEIS, Convener of the County of Renfrew at the official opening on Wednesday last of the new Millport Fire Station which was performed by Mr Peter Morton, JP, chairman of the Western Fire Area Joint Committee, before guests and officials of the crew of the Millport Fire Brigade.
Mr Robertson said: "As a member of the platform party for the first time in visiting Millport I feel elevated! I could not have chosen a better day than this to approach this wonderful island and I have never seen this lovely part of the Clyde look so terrific as it does this afternoon." He then introduced Bailie Mrs Elsie Morrison who extended an official welcome to the company.
She said: "I extend a very warm welcome to everyone, I am sure we will be unanimous in giving our thanks to the committee for giving us this lovely station, it is something which has been needed greatly on this island. I would also like to thank the firemen for the marvellous work they do. Sometimes the public tend to take so much for granted, but it takes a tragedy like the Oban fire to make us realise what a valuable part of the community they are. Thank you very much firemen and I hope that the people of this island fully appreciate the service you give them," said Mrs Morrison.


After thanking Mrs Morrison, the chairman introduced Mr Morton, asking him to officially open the station.
Mr Morton said he was both pleased and honoured. The new station would become symbolic of what the fire service means. "It is the least that can be done for men who give so much," he said. "I sincerely hope that the Millport brigade will never be called on to the extent of the Oban firemen, but if they did, they would be equally enthusiastic, willing and brave."
He then declared the station open by unveiling a suitably inscribed plaque.
The chairman called upon the Rev P. M. Houston to perform the dedication ceremony, after which presentations were made to Mr Morton by Sub-Officer W. Kelly, and Mr McDougall, depute county architect, on behalf of the architects, surveyors, engineers, builders and everyone who had anything at all to do with the planning and construction of the new station.
Mrs Evelyn M. Sillars, MA, JP, Convener of the County of Bute, in a vote of thanks said it was a great thing to know that the three islands which make up the county of Bute were all well equipped to fight fires, especially the wonderful new Millport station which was fitted with the most up to date equipment. "I hope you may never be called upon to work too hard," she told the firemen, "but the most modern equipment is no use without the men to work it and vice-versa and I would like to thank you all most sincerely from all of us and the people of Millport for giving us your time, your energies, your devotion and most of all for risking your own lives for our safety."
Mr Morton was introduced to the members of the Millport unit and the party were then taken. on a tour of the station.
(Largs and Millport Weekly News, Friday 3rd August 1973, Page 5)

Local Jottings Millport

There was a fire at the dance hall in the Garrison on Monday night. The hall was unoccupied at the time. The fire began in the stokehole where charcoal was stored many years ago. A lot of refuse was in it and it well alight. The speedy arrival of the brigade saved what could have been a very serious fire. The brigade are to be congratulated on the speed at which they turn out.
(Largs and Millport Weekly News, Friday 11th August 1972,Page 1)

12/8/1998 Plaque commemorating 25 years since station opened.

As a result of the appliance failing to start D330 YCS was sent to the island and kept at the back of the station as a spare appliance, but was later sent to Lochranza as their Ford P100 failed its M.O.T.

22/6/2001 Largest fire on the Island for over 30 years was a Make Pumps 5,   Hydraulic Platforms 1 at the Garrison building on Glasgow Street.

August 2001 Crew increased to fourteen and additional temporary Leading Firefighter created. A spare appliance provided which runs as a second appliance and kept in the newly built garage in the yard at the end of the drive up the side of the station. Posts created from vacancies in the retained establishment for the whole Brigade, eventually application will be made to upgrade establishment to two pumps and twenty Retained personnel.

Island gets another fire engine

by Elaine Bowers

Greenock fire chief Dave Adam has been instrumental in doubling the number of fire engines in Millport. Until just a few weeks ago, residents on the island of Cumbrae were served by just one appliance.
If back up was required crews were dispatched from the mainland. During the recent fire at the Garrison in Millport five pumps and a hydraulic platform from Greenock were sent to the scene.
When fires or floods occur during the night Caledonian MacBrayne ferry crews have to be called out to get the fire engines from the mainland across the water.
Eighteen months ago Mr Adam, who is assistant divisional officer and also sector officer for Inverclyde and parts of North Ayrshire, identified a need for another engine and a feasibility study was carried out.
Now the fire station in Millport has undergone an extension and five women firefighters have been trained to augment the team of 10 men. The fire engine is also supplied with cutting equipment for use in car accidents.
Mr Adam said: "This will increase our fire fighting abilities on the island and be of benefit to the community at large."
Since the new engine began operation a few weeks ago, there have been six incidents, which have been attended by both engines.
(Greenock Telegraph, 7th September, 2001. Page 13.)


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