1 Volunteer Support Unit


1949/50 to 1971 Lennox's Garage (WHITING BAY)                                                   Photo
1971 to 1985? Coal shed at Kinloch (about 200yds from present garage)           Photo
1985? to 2003 Garage at Kinloch (rear of Hotel.)                                                     Photo
25/11/2003 to New Station A841 next to garage. KA27 8EU                                 Photo

Officers in Charge

1971 Volunteer Leader A. Crawford
  Volunteer Leader Andy Bannatyne
?       to 1998 Volunteer Leader John Robertson
1998 to Volunteer Leader Robert Crawford (Robbie)
There 2018 Watch Manager Colin Cameron


1961 to 1965 THS825 Austin Gypsy/HCB L4P
1975?   Portable Pump?  
1980? to 1984 RCS724 Land Rover 108/Carmichael L4P
1984 to 1999 TSJ133Y Ford P100/SFB L2P
1999 H765BNS DAF Van (Temp Ex mechanics van)
2000 to 2004 W989WNS Land Rover TD5 Defender/SFB VSU
5/9/2004 SF04YFA MAN LE10-225F 4x4/Emergency One VSU



1971 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)


Establishment 2000





1 Volunteer Support Unit

1 Volunteer Leader



1 Firefighter with additional responsibilities



8 Firefighters



Started in 16/4/1971 with 7 volunteers.
Volunteer Unit at Whiting Bay started in 1949/50 and moved to Blackwaterfoot in 1971.
From 1955 to 1971 there was 1 Retained and 12 Volunteers at Whiting Bay.
1959 1 Towing Van from Whiting Bay sold.
1993 Received Sabre Centurion BA sets.



Crew at 08-35 12/9/1999

Robbie Crawford OIC
Allan 'Johnsoni' Johnston 2nd
Calum 'Scally' Gilmour
Willie Robertson
John 'C' Murchie
Gavin 'Gavvie' Crawford
Alistair 'Ackie' Currie
Neil 'Nige' Currie
Peter Robertson

Station occupied 3/9/2003 and officially opened 25/11/2003.



Official Opening




Tuesday 25th November 2003


Order of Proceedings




Assistant Firemaster Phil Robinson
Commander, West Command


Councillor Alex McGuire
Convenor, Strathclyde Fire Board


Reverend Barry Knight BD


Provost Drew Duncan
North Ayrshire Council


Firemaster J Ord OstJ, QFSM, GIFireE


Western Area Fire Brigade formed the first Volunteer Unit at Blackwaterfoot in the early 1970ís, and at that time was known as Whiting Bay. The equipment carried was very basic, consisting of hand pumps, hose, hydrant standpipe and various small tools. The crew had a Land Rover for the equipment and on occasions would utilise their own vehicles and transport the equipment to incidents.

Some of the original crew consisted of:≠
Alister Bannatyne                John Murchie
Charles Murchie                   John Robertson
Angus Campbell                  Donnie Campbell
Ronnie Haggerty

During 1988 the fire station was moved to the generator shed of the Kinloch Hotel, and remained there till the autumn of 2003.

The Fire Boardís commitment to improve conditions for Volunteer Firefighters has continued with the building of Blackwaterfoot Fire Station, the supply of next generation breathing apparatus sets and soon to be issued state of the art firefighting protective clothing.


Robbie Crawford (Leader)                                                  Alan Johnston (Deputy)
Calum Gilmour                                                                      Neil Currie
Alister Currie                                                                        Gavin Crawford
John Murchie                                                                       Peter Robertson
Willie Robertson                                                                  Simon Thorburn
Colin Cameron


John Thomson Construction Ltd
Park Terrace
KA27 8EJ


North Ayrshire Council
Technical Services
Perceton House
KA11 2AL


<PHOTO> Fireman Bill Hay raises a toast to the new fire station in Lochranza last Wednesday. See Page 7.
(The Arran Banner, Saturday 6 December, 2003. Front Page.)

New fire stations stand to

Official opening at Blackwaterfoot and Lochranza

Two brand new fire stations were opened on the Island last week.
On Tuesday night there was an official opening ceremony in the custom made new building next to the garage in Blackwaterfoot.
As well as fire Brigade and Council dignitaries, some of the original 1970ís crew of Donnie Campbell, John Robertson, John Murchie, Charles Murchie, Alistair Bannatyne, Angus Campbell and Ronnie Haggarty were present.
West Command Assistant Firemaster Phil Robertson welcomed the assembled company and told them that 30 years ago the equipment was very basic being just hand pumps, hose and hydrant standpipes. In those days they had a brigade Land Rover and often used their own vehicles to carry equipment. The fire station has been based in a shed at the Kinloch hotel since 1988 but now they have a state of the art building and equipment.
Firemaster Jeff Ord added that the Fire Boardís commitment would continue with issue of new fire fighting protective clothing.
After a brief dedication by the Reverend Barry Knight the Blackwaterfoot station officially opened followed by an informal social celebration.
The same group of dignitaries gathered together again on the following evening to mark the official opening of a new Lochranza Fire Station.
As on the previous night, Councillor Jane Gorman stood in for Strathclyde Fire Board Convenor Alex McGuire who had taken ill. Among the guests were some of the original crew from 30 years ago of Neil Fox, Clive Bowd, Peter Marshall, Phil Price and Joe Trickett.
Firemaster Jeff Ord outlined the improvements that the new station would offer. Just 10 years ago the appliance was a Ford pick-up which barely managed to carry the equipment.
As in Blackwaterfoot, there will be a programme of continued improvement with the forthcoming issue of a new appliance and replacement protective clothing.
These two new fire stations are a most positive step in bringing fire fighting abilities on Arran into the 21st century.
<PHOTO> The Blackwaterfoot crew and their guests.
<PHOTO> The Lochranza fire crew and guests.
<PHOTO> Right: At Lochranza station, Firemaster J Ord, Mrs Jean Hunter, reader, Cllr Jane Gorman and Provost Drew Duncan.
(The Arran Banner, Saturday 6 December, 2003. Page 7.)
Correction West Commander is Phil Robinson.

 None of the above mentioned photos are on this site.



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