1 Pump Wholetime.


1911 Main Street/Thorn Road                                                  Photo
11/4/1975 Old Edinburgh Road, BELLSHILL.                                 Photo





Residential Station Officers

1974 to ? Station Officer John O'Hare
? to ? Station Officer Bob Moodie
? to ? Station Officer Willie Prentice
? to ? Station Officer Peter Winnie
1985 to 1991? Station Officer Jim Kelly
1991? to ? Station Officer Duncan Birnie
? to ? Station Officer Danny Longmuir
1994 Rider Station Officers





1912   Dennis P
1976 SVD381M Dennis F48 WrL
1980 GGG611T Dodge K1613/HCB Angus WrL
1989 A818XSJ Bedford KG/Fulton & Wylie Fire Warrior WrL
1990 G540PGE Scania 93M/Fulton & Wylie WrL
1991 F189FHS Scania 82M/Angloco WrL
1994 L722UGA Scania 93M-210/Emergency One WrL
1998 R944HYS Scania 94D-220/Emergency One WrL
2002 SG02UKH Scania 94D-260/Emergency One RPL
2008 SF58ANX Scania P270/JDC RPL




Damage Control Unit

Major Incident Unit

Forward Control Unit










2008 SF58ANX   SF05EWE  
2009 SF58ANX   SF04TYU  
2010 SF58ANX   Xfer Cumbernauld SF06HHJ
2012 March SF58ANX     SF06HHG
2016 Feb SL64MDE     SF06HHG

August 2010 the MIU has moved to Cumbernauld and the FCU is away for overhaul before going to Bellshill.



Mercedes 412D Sprinter

DCU (Temp Ex-RRU)


Scania 94D-260/Emergency One


SF04TYU Scania 114G-340/Saxon MIU


Scania 94D-300/Saxon


SF10HHG Vauxhall Movano 2.5 CDTi/Lynton Trailers FCU
SF06HHJ Vauxhall Movano 2.5 CDTi/Lynton Trailers FCU
SF58ANX Scania P270/JDC RPL
SL64MDE Scania P280/JDC RPL



1/2/1911 to 1941

County of Lanarkshire Fire Brigade

1941 to 1948

National Fire Service

1948 to 1975

Lanarkshire Fire Brigade

1975 to 2005

Strathclyde Fire Brigade

2005 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)


The Lanarkshire Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

                                                                                        Equipment                                                                                             Retained

                                                                                        1 Towing Vehicle                                                                                 1 Leading Fireman
                                                                                        1 Large Trailer Pump                                                                            9 Firemen



Establishment 2000

                                                                                        Equipment                                                                                             Wholetime

                                                                                        1 Water Tender Ladder                                                                       4 Station Officers
                                                                                                                                                                                                        4 Sub Officers
                                                                                                                                                                                                        20 Firefighters

The Wholetime establishment are split over four watches (Red, Blue, Green and White) 1 Station Officer, 1 Sub Officer, and 5 Firefighters working 2 days, 2 nights and 4 days off.

The Major Incident Unit went on the run at 18-00hrs on Tuesday the 11th October, 2005 with Urban Search And Rescue equipment.

Bellshill's new station is to have wholetime and retained staff. (Lanarkshire Fire Committee minutes. 3/3/1971.)

From 1969 until 1974 there was no retained crew in Bellshill and fires were covered by Motherwell and Hamilton. (Retired Station Officer Jim Kelly)


On 27/12/1974 Bellshill opened it's doors and became operational for the first time as a wholetime unit. The original retained station was located on the main street next to the Police Station.
It was officially opened on 11/4/1975 by Firemaster John Stewart of Lanarkshire Fire Brigade.
The station was built by Lanarkshire County Council and cost £145,000.

Bellshills Fire Station, designed by Alexander Cullen, was built on the site of the original police station in 1911 along with the JP court and new police station. Originally, the fire barrel had to come all the way from Uddingston and was manned by volunteers in the shape of policemen and local tradesmen. The first engine was a Dennis which was later replaced by a Thornycroft model. The new fire station is on the Old Edinburgh Road and is staffed by 29 firefighters. Bellshill Police Station has taken over the old building on Thorn Road.
(From page 33)

M.P.'s Want to Keep Fire Station Open

Bellshill part time firemen will be disbanded on April 28 unless two local M.P.'s, Mr John Timmons, Bothwell and Mr James Dempsey, Coatbridge and Airdrie, can persuade the Secretary of State for Scotland to change his mind.
Mr Maclay has said he is not prepared to overrule the decision of Lanarkshire joint fire board committee.
Mr Timmons said last night:- "In his letter the Secretary of State gives three main reasons for refusing to interfere. He says that regular firemen from Motherwell can travel to Bellshill in four minutes, and that on many occasions they arrive at the fire first as they travel in an enclosed van and dress on the way.
The third reason is the increasing difficulty of finding men for the retained service".
Mr Dempsey said:- " In answer to the first part I had a police car travel from Motherwell fire station to Kenilworth Crescent, Bellshill. The mileage was 3.7 and not 2.8 as claimed by the firemaster".
"The journey took nine minutes, not four as stated, despite the fact that the traffic lights at Motherwell Cross were in the police car's favour".
"The question of finding replacements occurred only in Cambuslang where there was a major development. That has never been the case in Bellshill. It is obvious that if Bellshill were to be closed there would not be sufficient fire coverage for the area. We intend to urge the Secretary of State to keep the station open.
(The Glasgow Herald, Monday 16th April, 1962. Page 3.)


Firemaster Opens Bellshill Station


Over 200 guests and members of Lanarkshire Fire Service attended the official opening of Bellshill’s new £145,000 fire station last Friday.
Performing the opening ceremony was Firemaster of Lanarkshire Fire Brigade, Mr John Stewart, who will retire when regionalisation comes into operation next month.
The new station, situated on Old Edinburgh Road at Righead, has four fire engines and will be staffed by a total of 28 firemen, working on three shifts.
The station will serve an area extending from Tannochside to Newhouse, and will provide extra cover for Newarthill and Carfin areas, which currently come under the umbrella of Motherwell Fire Service.
The site for the new complex was chosen because of it’s proximity to the main motorways, which means that appliances can reach a fire much quicker than the Hamilton based appliances which formerly served the area.
Training facilities at Bellshill’s new station include a 40 foot tower at the rear of the station – which can also be used for drying hoses – and a lecture room.
Although the station did not officially open until last week, it has been operational since December last year.
After Friday’s opening ceremony, a dedication was undertaken by the Rev. Arthur F. S. Kent minister of Bellshill’s West Church.
<PHOTO> Pictured above, Mr Stewart delivers his opening speech. Below one of four engines (SVD381M) drives through the white ribbon to mark the opening. (none of these photos are on this WEB site)
(The Bellshill Speaker, Friday, April 18,1975. Page 1.)


Lanarkshire Fire Brigade Joint Committee 








Friday, 11th April, 1975 


Chairman – JAMES AITON, ESQ., C.B.E., J.P., Chairman of Joint Committee 



Iced Honeydew Melon 

Minestrone Soup 

Grilled Lemon Sole 

Stuffed Saddle of Lamb 

Fresh Strawberries and Cream
Cheese Board 

Coffee — Cream 

(A Buffet of Tea, Sandwiches and Cakes is available at the conclusion of the evening’s proceedings). 


Grace                                                                                      The Rev. Arthur S.F. Kent


The Queen                                                                            The Chairman 

Introductory Remarks         ...                                             James Aiton, Esq., C.B.E., J.P.,
                                                                                                Chairman of Joint Committee 

“Lanarkshire Fire Brigade Joint Committee”                    Harry Ewing, Esq., M.P.,
                                                                                                Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Scottish Office. 

Reply                                                                                      R.F. Nairn, Esq., J.P.,
                                                                                                Member of Joint Committee 

Comments by Firemaster                                                    John Stewart, Esq., O.B.E., Q.F.S.M., G.I. FIRE E.,
                                                                                                Firemaster, Lanarkshire Fire Brigade 

Appreciation                                                                         E. McArdle, Esq., J.P.,
                                                                                                Vice Chairman of Joint Committee 

Closing Remarks                                                                  The Chairman



Life Saving partnership in Fire Stations
Paramedics with the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) are to be based in three Strathclyde fire stations on a trial basis.
The 12-month trial will help the SAS to meet its target of attending top priority Category A calls within eight minutes. Under the scheme, SAS Rapid Response crews will share washroom and other facilities with firefighters based in three Lanarkshire fire stations – Hamilton, Lanark and Bellshill. (11/8/2006)


?Opening Actual 7/11/1974 Official 11/4/1975?


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