1 Rescue Pump Retained.


1951/52 New Trows Road, LESMAHAGOW.
7/3/1972 Old Carlisle Road, LESMAHAGOW. ML11 0DT.        Photo




? to ? Sub Officer Alexander Mackie (there 1963 &68)
? to 1976 Sub Officer Jimmy Muir
1976 to 1984 Sub Officer Sandy Crookes
1984 to 1989 Sub Officer John Hamilton
1/12/1990 to 1/5/2000 Sub Officer William  Main
Sept 2001 to Sub Officer Jamie Brown (still there 2017 now Watch Manager)



  GLT939 Austin K2/Home Office ATV
1976 FVD844K Dennis D/Dennis WrT


  First RRU
1980 AVD280J TSD311J
1983 UDS729R LNS305V
1990 F903JSU F268WCS
1998 F903JSU L806USU
1998 L722UGA L806USU
August 2003 L722UGA P792UGA
18/1/2007 Y548TNS  
29/2/2012 SF06GBU  
2017 Aug SF10GWE  

P792UGA was the last Road Rescue Unit to go Off the Run in Strathclyde.


AVD280J Dennis F45/Dennis WrT
TSD311J Land Rover/South Western Area FB RRU
UDS729R Dennis R/Dennis WrL
LNS305V Ford Transit RRU
F903JSU Volvo FL6-17/Fulton and Wylie WrL
F268WCS Ford Transit/SFB RRU
L722UGA Scania 93M-210/Emergency One WrL
L806USU Mercedes 410D/Emergency One RRU
P792UGA Mercedes 412D Sprinter/Emergency One RRU
Y548TNS Scania 94D-260/Emergency One RPL
SF06GBU Scania P270/JDC RPL
SF10GWE Scania P280/JDC/Poly Bilt RPL





The Lanarkshire Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Towing Vehicle 1 Leading Fireman
  1 Large Trailer Pump 9 Firemen


Establishment 2000

  Equipment Retained
  1 Water Tender Ladder 1 Sub Officer
  1 Road Rescue Unit 2 Leading Firefighters
    11 Firefighters


Lesmahagow new fire station is now operational. (Lanarkshire Fire Committee minutes. 12/1/1972.)

In 1978 Lesmahagow got an RRU.

On the 27th June 1978 the Police and Fire Committee of Strathclyde Regional Council approved an increase to the Establishment at Arrochar and Lesmahagow of 1 Leading Fireman and 3 Firemen as a Road Rescue Unit was being provided at both stations.

On the 18th January 2007 the WrL and RRU were replaced by a Rescue Pump Ladder


Fire Station Plan

Lanark County Council are to build a part time maintained fire station at Lesmahagow at a cost of 25,000.
(The Glasgow Herald, Thursday, January 4, 1971. Page 4.)



1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Lanarkshire Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


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