1 Pump Wholetime


to 1915 Crowhill Road  
1915 to 1973 113 Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs Day Manning 2 pump               Photo
17/10/1973 Hilton Road Bishopbriggs G64 3EL Wholetime & Retained?           Photo



1949 to 1975 Lanarkshire Firemasters
1975 Strathclyde Firemasters



1927 ???036 Motor Pump P
1955 HVD555 Dennis F8/Dennis P
1976 622GVA Dennis F38/Dennis WrT
  KVD598L Dennis F48 WrL
1980 YGE825S Dodge K1113/CFE WrL
1983 EGD275X Bedford KG/CFE WrL
1987 C430KDS Dodge G13/Fulton and Wylie Fire Warrior WrL
1993 J170GUS Scania 93M-210/Emergency One WrL
2005 SF05DDZ Scania 94D-260/Saxon RPL
2010 SF60DHN Scania P280/JDC/Poly Bilt RPL


  Rescue Pump DIM Unit
October 2015 SF60DHN MX59FHZ


SF60DHN Scania P280/JDC/Poly Bilt RPL
MX59FHZ Iveco Daily 65C18/AES DIM



October 2015 the DIM Unit (Detection, Investigating and Monitoring) was moved from Springburn to Bishopbriggs.




Bishopbriggs will not be Day Manned with houses for firemen but will operate the 3 shift duty system and as a result the establishment will be 3 Station Officers, 2 Sub Officers, 2 Leading Firemen and 16 Firemen. There will also be a retained crew of 2 Sub Officers and 8 Firemen.
(Lanarkshire Fire Committee minutes. 1/12/1971.)
Bishopbriggs new station will be operational soon. (Lanarkshire Fire Committee minutes. 3/10/1973.)
The Station in Hilton road opened between the 24th and 31st of October 1973.
Lanarkshire Fire Brigade Order No.472 shows a lot of transfers to Bishopbriggs with effect 26/10/1973.
Station records show the welfare fund had 10 members till the 27/10/1973 and 24 members from 3/11/1973.
Janice Wilson (wife of Colin Wilson a L/Ff at Bishopbriggs) says the station opened on 17/10/1973.

Apparently in the days of the Lanarkshire Fire Brigade, Bishopbriggs station was known as the “House of Correction” as that was where you were posted if you did anything wrong as it was far out and difficult to get to. 

Bishopbriggs station isn't mentioned in The Lanarkshire Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948. Apparently it was closed by the National Fire Service and reopened by Lanarkshire Fire Brigade in the 1950s.

On the 1st September, 1949, Bishopbriggs Fire Station was reopened and since that time they have attended 31 calls together with a further 24 calls made by a unit from this station into adjoining Fire Brigade areas.
(Lanarkshire Fire Brigade Annual Report. 1950 – 1951. Page 3.)

In 1961 was a Wholetime Station

<Photo> Pump, 12 men at rear of station.
This is a photograph of Bishopbriggs Fire Brigade taken in 1927. In 1915 a new fire station was opened in Kirkintilloch Road; previously it had been sited in Crowhill Road. The building was situated on the north side and also incorporated a new police station with housing for the constables and their families. The fire station consisted of a garage, washing space, testing tank and hose drying tower. When the building eventually became outmoded a new station was opened in Hilton Road, in 1973.
(BISHOPBRIGGS in old picture postcards by Christine Miller. Page 10)
There is also a photo of the station from the front on Page 73.


The new fire station being built in Bishopbriggs is due for completion in June. Here can be seen the building in its present stage of construction. (Steel girder framework)
(The Kirkintilloch Herald and Bishopbriggs Herald. Wednesday February 28, 1973 Page 5.)


New Fire Station nearly ready

Bishopbriggs' latest asset is due to be completed in mid October.
It is the new fire station in Hilton Road which was started last year despite outcries by residents in Meadowburn, whose back gardens face on to the new building.
Out of the estimated £93,000 cost of constructing the station only £49,260 was used.
Next month the original station, which is adjacent to the police station, in Kirkintilloch Road, is expected to be vacated, but as yet it has not been decided what the old building will be used for.
(The Kirkintilloch Herald and Bishopbriggs Herald. Wednesday September 5 1973 Page 5.)


<Photo> The Fire Station
The new Bishopbriggs Fire Station in Hilton Road opened last week, manned 24 hours a day by full time firemen. Compared with the old fire station at Bishopbriggs Cross, the new building is very luxurious and contains the latest equipment available for fire fighting purposes.
(The Kirkintilloch Herald and Bishopbriggs Herald. Wednesday October 31, 1973 Page 5.)



<1915 to 1941

Bishopbriggs Fire Brigade

1941 to 1948

National Fire Service

1949 to 1975

Lanarkshire Fire Brigade

1975 to 2005

Strathclyde Fire Brigade

2005 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)


The Lanarkshire Fire Area 1949







1 Section Leader




2 Leading Firemen

1 Leading Fireman



9 Firemen

7 Firemen


Establishment 2000

  Equipment Wholetime
  1 Water Tender Ladder 4 Station Officers
    4 Sub Officers
    20 Firefighters


Establishment 2006

  Equipment Wholetime
  1 Rescue Pump Ladder 1 Station Manager A
    4 Watch Managers A
    4 Crew Managers
    20 Firefighters

The Station Manager doesn't attend fires. The crews are split into four watches, Red, White, Blue and Green consisting of 1 Watch Manager A, 1 Crew Manager and 5 Firefighters working 2 day shifts, 2 night shifts and 4 days off.

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