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12/2/1975                                 Lomond Road, BALLOCH. G83 8SJ                Photo



Officer in Charge

1975 L/Fm Alex Donald and L/Fm Tom Harkins for 1 year
1976 to 1982 Sub Officer Tom Harkins
1982 to 1987 Sub Officer Alistair McDermid
1987 Sub Officer William Rennie
1989 to 1991 Sub Officer John Moore
1991 to 21/7/2005 Sub Officer  Hugh Adams
2005 to 2012 Sub Officer Neil Easton
2012 to Watch Manager David Ainsley (there 2014)




  VMS672 Bedford TKEL/HCB WrT
  GGG664T Dodge K1613/HCB Angus WrL
  EGD277X Bedford KG/CFE WrL
  K665OSU Volvo FL6-18/Emergency One WrL
2002 N826JSU Scania 93M-220/Emergency One RPL
2008 SG02XLT Scania 94D-260/Emergency one RPL
1/8/2017 SF57MWE Scania P270/JDC RPL


12/2/1975 to 16/5/1975 Central Area Fire Brigade
16/5/1975 to 8/5/2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
8/5/2005 to Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (Name change only)


In Strathclyde Fire Brigade this was station F13 from May 1975 to October 2005 when it became station M11.



Balloch's new 50,000 "unmanned" fire station was officially opened last week.
Bailie William Adam of Dumbarton Town Council and a member of the Joint Fire Committee performed the unveiling ceremony inside the new building situated in Carrochan Road.
Eleven part time firemen will look after the station.
But as soon as the alarm bell rings the retainers will be mobile to whatever emergency within three minutes.
In charge of the station is Mr Thomas Harkins, an engineer, and Mr Alex Donald, a driving instructor. Eventually one of the two men will be in overall charge of the station which has been designed to increase the strength of the Dumbarton fire service.
The part timers, who come from all walks of life and include a school teacher, motor mechanic, lorry driver and hospital porter, also performed a drill ceremony for those present.
They showed their guests who included the firemaster Mr Samuel Park, the use of the equipment on their single fire engine.
There were also Queen's awards made to four firemen and a fifth presentation made to another man.
Councillor Michael Kelly presented Long Service and Good Conduct Medals to firemen W. Gibb, of Dumbarton, A. Littlejohn, of Kirkintilloch; J. Caldwell Clydebank and ex-retainer Douglas Downie all of whom have served 20 years each.
A miniature fireman's helmet was handed over to Mr Ronald Crabb; of Dumbarton; who retired in November after 12 years with the service.
Firemaster Park said: "This new station is most strategically placed and it will augment Dumbarton. It will be able to cover Helensburgh, Faslane and Finnart as well as the area towards Drymen.
"These lads have volunteered their services and they have been training two hours a week for six months."
Emergency calls will also ring out at Dumbarton station and the Balloch retainers, who all live in the nearby Haldane and Dalvait housing schemes, will be on their way in minutes.
Within two hours of the new station opening the firemen dealt with their first "emergency".
A woman and her two young children walked into the station and asked to us their telephone.
Mrs Susan Biggart, her children Clair 4, and Katie 2 from Cardross were "stranded" outside the station when her car broke down. She contacted a garage who came to her assistance.
<Photo> The new Balloch fire station which was opened last week.
<Photo> Leading fireman Alex Donald.
(County Reporter, Wednesday, 19th February 1957 Page 21)

Part-time firemen to help guard Vale

The new fire station at Balloch, built to supplement the full time brigade at Dumbarton and Helensburgh, was officially opened yesterday (Wednesday) as the Lennox Herald went to press.
The building, situated adjacent to the Carrochan Roundabout, cost 56,000 and will he operated by 12 local part time firemen.
Divisional Officer Hugh Moran said last week that the new station was part of a plan by the central area fire brigade to improve the standard of fire cover in all parts of the area.
He said: "There has been a lack of cover in the Vale of Leven in terms of mileage because Dumbarton is the nearest station. Both Helensburgh and Dumbarton have full time stations which can send tenders to the Vale. They will be backed up by the Balloch men."
The new station has a large training area, a covered wash area, appliance room, control, muster and recreation and lecture rooms. The part time men will have kitchen facilities, showers and toilets.
Mr Moran said that the part time men have almost completed their training, and will soon be on call to attend fires and other emergencies in their own area.
"Morale is very high," he said. "All the men are interested in their own community and hope to be able to protect it.
"They all have their own jobs to do, but in the event of a fire they will be called out to assist."
One of the local part timers is Mr Alex Donald. chairman of the West Dunbartonshire Drivers' Association, who will be one of the leading firemen at the station.
Alex said: "I decided to join the part time brigade a few months ago. I feel that I can do something to help the community. All the lads are very keen, and we find this is a very interesting part time occupation.
"I don't think that any of them joined up because of the money. We feel that since the fire station is there, it should be manned by local people who are interested in the community enough to do something for it.
"If a fire breaks out in the Vale of Leven, we can be there within minutes. If there are children to save, then we will save them. I think that is why we joined the brigade. We just want to do something for the people in this area."
(The Lennox Herald, Thursday, 13th February 1975 Page 11)


But Bailie turns hose on regionalisation

Dumbarton Bailie William Adam last week hit out at the effect the reorganisation of local government will have on the fire service in the area.
Bailie Adam was speaking in the new 60,000 fire station which he opened in Balloch on Wednesday.
He told a large gathering of councillors, officials, firemen and experts that he was concerned about regionalisation as far as it affects the Central Area Fire Brigade.
"In the Central Area, we have a very unique fire service, covering a large area including Dunbartonshire, Clackmannanshire and Stirlingshire. It was reorganised in 1948 and has been working extremely well since then," said Bailie Adam.
"It is one of the most forward thinking services in the Country, all the experts agree, and has built 18 new stations within its area since the brigade came into being. This station is the fourth to be built in Dunbartonshire within the past few years, and another is to be opened in Helensburgh in May."
Bailie Adam, who is a member of the Central Area Fire Committee said that the service would be split up soon between the Strathclyde and Central Regional Councils.
"Many people think that this will not he a good thing because Strathclyde's population is about double that of the central region, and it is thought that the split will not do the fire service any good.
"The Central Area Fire Brigade covered a region of its own, which was not affected by local authority boundaries. I feel that it is not a good idea to start doing this now.
There is a very good liaison at present between the committee, the officers and the men, but we don't know what the relationship will be like when reorganisation affects the brigade."
Bailie Adam also hit out at the number of fires which are started in this area due to vandalism, but he said that the new Balloch station would give a much better coverage between Dumbarton, the Vale of Leven and Helensburgh.
Firemaster Samuel Park said that the new station was "first class", and he told the gathering that the part time firemen will be fully operational in about six weeks after an intensive training course.
"The men are very keen to start, and they are pleased with their new base," he said.
Mr Park allayed fears about the dangers of having a polaris missile base in the vicinity.
"Some people are frightened to have the naval bases not far away from where they live, but as far as the fire brigade is concerned, Faslane and Coulport carry the same risk as any other place. The only danger is of buildings catching fire, and that happens anywhere.
"A bigger danger is at Finnart where the supertankers unload their oil. However, we have carried out exercises on this to perfect the techniques of handling ship fires."
<Photo> William Gibb received a long service medal after 20 years in the local brigade
<Photo> Michael Kelly the fire committee chairman presents a long service medal to Douglas Downie who retired from the Dumbarton retained brigade after 21 years
<Photo> Bailie Adam, Firemaster Park and Station officer James Munro are pictured with the part time firemen who will man the Balloch Station.
<Photo> The new fire station is officially opened with the unveiling of the plaque by Bailie Adam. Looking on is Mr Sam Park.
(The Lennox Herald, Thursday, 20th February, 1975 Page 8)

The station appeared to be at Alexandria before Balloch, Central Fire Brigade.
Alexandria Appliance
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