1 Pump  Retained.


? The Newton (road to Lochgilphead, Renault Garage, Lorona B&B 1st big shed)              Photo
1959 Oban Road, INVERARAY, PA32 8XD.                                                                                      Photo



  Sub Officer Peter Munro
there 1971 Sub Officer Danny Kennedy
to 1989 Sub Officer Frank Clark
1989 to 9/4/1999 Sub Officer Colin J C Clerk
1999 to 6/11/2012 Sub Officer Jock Munro
7/11/2012 to Watch Commander John T Munro (still there 2017)




1922 January       Horse Drawn Engine


  First RRU
1974 OHS45  
1980 NHS281  
1989 SGD392W  
1990 GGB122T  
1993 C434KDS G839DCS
1994 F185FHS G839DCS
1997 F185FHS P737WGG
1998 M909DDS P737WGG
2002 L716UGA P737WGG
2004 P939SGE P737WGG
2005 P939SGE  
2010 Feb 7 SF54RMV  
2013 June 1 SF06GBZ  
2017August SF10EHU  


GLE21 Austin  
OHS45 Austin FFG/HCB HrT
NHS281 Dennis F26/Dennis PL
GGB122T Dodge K1613/HCB Angus WrL
SGE392W Bedford KG/HCB Angus CSV/Fulton & Wylie WrL
C434KDS Dodge G13T/Fulton & Wylie Fire Warrior 3 WrL
F185FHS Scania G82M/Angloco WrL
G839DCS Ford Transit/Strathclyde Fire Brigade RRU
L716UGA Scania 93M-210/Emergency One WrL
M909DDS Scania 93M-220/Emergency One WrL
P737WGG Mercedes 412D Sprinter RRU
P939SGE Scania 93M-220/Emergency One RPL
SF54RMV Scania 94D-260/Saxon RPL
SF06GBZ Scania P270/JDC RPL
SF10EHU Scania P280/JDC/Polybilt RPL



Plans were submitted from the Western Area Fire Service for permission to erect a new fire station adjoining the Argyll Hotel garages on the Dalmally Road. Permission was unanimously granted.
(The Buteman and Rothesay Express, 24th April, 1955. Page 6)

5/5/2001    Inveraray won The Strathclyde Fire Brigade RTA Competition for the second year running.

In 2004, 3 of the team members retired from the team which left only the Leading Firefighter and the team leader as the only members. They managed to persuade 3 of their younger crew to join the team. With only 1 week before the 2004 competition to train the new members, they entered their team in the challenge.
There were 4 trophies up for grabs and guess what ?. They won all four. Best team, best team leader, best medic and best technical rescue. After that they entered the British challenge in Reading in which 54 teams competed and they
managed a very credible 24th place

On the 14th May 2005, the Inveraray team attended a new version of the challenge at  HQ in Hamilton. There was an intra competition for only Strathclyde Teams and then a Scottish Challenge with 22 teams from all over Scotland attending. In their own challenge they finished 2nd and their medic got the best medic award. In the Scottish Challenge they finished 2nd and again the medic won the best medic award.
They  left Inveraray with 4 trophies and returned again with 4 different one's.
This years British Challenge is in Belfast on August 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.
Both Inveraray and Ayr teams are going over to Belfast.
This years Strathclyde and Scottish Challenges were won by Ayr Fire Station. They also won Best Team Leader in both.




The RRU went off the run on Tuesday 22nd February 2005. The Establishment will be reduced to 10 through natural wastage.


1922 Inveraray Fire Brigade
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


Fire Argyll Arms Hotel 21/10/1959


The Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained
  1 Light Trailer Pump 1 Leading Fireman
  1 Standard Towing Vehicle 5 Firemen


Establishment 2000

  Equipment Retained
  1 Water Tender Ladder 1 Sub Officer
  1 Road Rescue Unit 2 Leading Firefighters
    11 Firefighters






5th November 1975

Last year's fire at Inveraray Castle, the stately home of the Duke of Argyll, attracted a considerable amount of publicity in the press and on television. The castle housed a unique collection of priceless art treasures and a feature of the incident was the manner in which local villagers rushed to the scene to assist in salvage operations. As a result of the combined efforts of firemen, villagers and the Glasgow Salvage Corps, the collection was saved from damage. It is not possible to accurately estimate the cost of the fire, but a figure of 2 million has been quoted.
This report, kindly supplied by the Firemaster and Divisional Commander 'F' Division, Strathclyde Fire Brigade, outlines operations and shows the considerable distances which attending appliances had to travel. Distances between the castle and the stations attending are shown in brackets.
Time of call: 1757 By exchange telephone
Attendance: Hose Reel Tender Inveraray (1m)
WrT Arrochar (24m)
Hose Reel Tender Lochgilphead (25m)
WrT Dunoon (38m)
Pump Oban (39m)
ERT Dumbarton (45m)
1821 Informative: BA in use.
1855 Assistance: ET requested for BA purposes.
ET Clydebank (54m) sent on.
1938 Informative: Top floor and roof well alight, six jets and eight BA sets in use.
1951 Assistance: TL requested.
TL Clydebank sent on.
2014 Assistant Firemaster and Divisional Commander mobile.
2202 Informative: Top floor and roof space severely damaged by fire, seven jets and one TL monitor in use.
2326 Request attendance of Fire Prevention Officer on fireground.
2359 Stop: Building approx. 200'x200' consisting of 3 floors and attic, upper floor and roof completely destroyed by fire. Remainder of building severely damaged by heat, smoke and water, six jets in use.
The fire originated in a first floor wardrobe and would appear to have been started by a dropped light setting fire to a carpet. From the wardrobe the fire spread via pipe ducting into the attic and roof space. Floor and partition construction at second floor level greatly assisted fire spread, which was even more alarming in the undivided roof space where timbers had recently been treated against dry rot. A great deal of water damage was caused by fractured pipes left by collapsing tanks in the roof space. Difficulty was experienced in locating a control valve and it is likely that the collapse of valuable ceilings was averted by turning on basement taps. That only limited damage was sustained at first floor level can, to some extent, be attributed to the fire resisting qualities of the thick timber attic floor. This allowed firemen to establish a bridgehead and in all probability saved the building.
June 1976


Fireman dies at hotel blaze

One fireman collapsed and died and a second was injured yesterday at a fire which badly damaged Crinan Hotel in Argyll.
Fireman Sandy Drummond, of Inveraray, died of a heart attack. He was not fighting the fire at the time but was standing near a tender when he took ill.
Seven years ago the hotel was destroyed by fire and later rebuilt.
(The Glasgow Herald, Monday, October 30, 1978. Page 1.)

Sunday 13 September 2009 at the Annual United Kingdom Firefighters Service of Remembrance held at 12.00 in the Church of St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield in the City of London, Alexander (Sandy) Drummond's name was added to the national memorial outside St Paul's Cathedral.
A wreath was laid by a contingent from Strathclyde Fire & Rescue and relatives of Sandy's.



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