1 Pump Retained


? to ? Garage Clifton Place, Cove
1956? to 2001 Shore Road, Cove, PA84 0LP                           Photo
13/9/2001 to New Station                                                         Photo

Officer in Charge

1939 Firemaster James L Currie
  Sub Officer J. Currie B.E.M.
  Sub Officer T. Ferguson B.E.M. *
? to 1979 Sub Officer Andrew B. Ferguson B.E.M.
  Sub Officer P. Farquhar  #
7/6/1985 to 30/5/1999 Sub Officer Forbes Ferguson M.B.E.         Son of *
29/5/1999 to 26/1/2012 Sub Officer Duncan Farquhar                       Son of #
2012 to Watch Manager William Bellshaw  (there 2016)



  GGX693 Austin K2/Home Office (Ex ATV) HrT
1976 JWG891 Bedford SLZG/HCB WrT
1980 KVD595L Dennis D/Dennis WrT
1989 GGG662T Dodge K1613/HCB Angus WrL
1992 C430KDS Dodge G13T/Fulton and Wylie Fire Warrior 3 WrL
1997 G535PGE Scania G93M-210/Fulton and Wylie WrL
2005 R942HYS Scania 94D-220/Emergency One WrL
2016 Aug SF06GCO Scania P270/JDC RPL

May 2005 R942HYS is a Retro Fit Rescue Pump but is running as a Water Tender Ladder.




A Fire Brigade has been formed in the Cove and Kilcreggan district. Mr James L Currie, builder, Cove, has been appointed Firemaster; Mr Andrew B Ferguson, joiner, Kilcreggan, Assistant Firemaster, and six other local tradesman complete the Brigade.
(Daily Record 31/1/1939)


Station was in Kilcreggan then moved to Cove? Central Fire Brigade. Station never in Kilcreggan.
New Station to be built Spring 1999. Site has been cleared in the wood opposite the De-Gausing Station just past the sailing club.
Appliance in Cove was a Standard Towing Unit.
Appliance was kept in garage Clifton Place, Cove along with Coventry Climax 500 gpm Trailer Pump.
The 1950's station is built on the site of Richardson's shop which was totally destroyed by fire.

At April 2001 the Station held 14 Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, 3 British Empire Medals and and 1 Member of the British Empire.


1920? Fire Cover provided by Helensburgh Fire Brigade
1939 Auxiliary Fire Service
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Central Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)

Sub Officer Andrew Ferguson received the B.E.M. in 1977.
Sub Officer Forbes Ferguson received the M.B.E. in 2000.


Civil Defence

There was submitted application from Civil Defence Officer, County Buildings, Dumbarton, requesting permission to install a warning siren on the roof of the tennis pavilion. The alarm would also be used in connection with the National Fire Service. The Council agreed.
(Helensburgh and Garelochhead Times, February 16, 1955. Page 3)

Fire Siren

It was intimated at a meeting of the Fire Service on Thursday last, that the fire alarm siren on top of the tennis hut, is now ready for use. The number to dial in the event of fire is Kilcreggan 2248.
(Helensburgh and Garelochhead Times, November 14, 1956. Page 3)

Fire Alarm System

It is learned from Mr Thomas Pryde, Divisional Officer to the Central Area Fire Brigade, that the work of connecting the Fire Station to the Civil Defence siren at the tennis hut has been completed and from Wednesday of last week the installation has been in working order.
The siren will only be used for calling out the part-time firemen during daytime, from 7 a.m. to 10 at night. During night time they will be summoned by the call bells which have been installed in all their homes.
The telephone number in case of fire is 2248 and Mr William M'Quillan, the Cafe, Cove, is in charge of the calling out arrangements. He is a member of the Fire Detachment and will give day and night attendance to deal with any calls.
(Helensburgh and Garelochhead Times, December 5, 1956. Page 3)

New fire station delayed

A new £500,000 fire station for the Rosneath Peninsula has been built - but 'snagging' problems mean it is not yet in operation.
The structure of the building, on Shore Road in Cove, is complete, and once these problems are settled to Strathclyde Fire Brigade's satisfaction, the new building will be ready.
It was originally hoped the new unit would be fully operational by September of this year.
Station officer at the fire brigade's north command headquarters in Clydebank, Richard Dickson, said this week: "There are a few problems regarding the building such as snagging problems."
And when asked how long it would take for the building to become operational, he said: "How long's a piece of string?
"Once the brigade is happy with the building then I would presume that the brigade will open it."
No decision has yet been taken on what will be done with the old building, although previously it had been said it would be put on the market after the new one becomes operational.
The current building is 50 years old, and its replacement will include improved training facilities, training tower, lecture room, as well as modernised offices and toilets.
(Helensburgh Advertiser, Thursday, 30 November, 2000. Page 3.)




Cove Fire Station

Thursday 13th September 2001





Councillor J. Stirling
Strathclyde Fire Board

Councillor J. Shaw
Convener, Strathclyde Fire Board

Reverend Malcolm Wright

Firemaster J. Ord OstJ, QFSM, GIFireE

Senior Divisional Officer B. McCaffrey

Firemaster J. Ord OstJ, QFSM, GIFireE

Firefighter Gavin Grainger



 Cove Retained Unit

Cove Fire Brigade was formed in 1938 and was known as the Burgh Brigade. Equipment consisted of a Standard Trailer Unit (STU) and a Coventry Climax 500gpm trailer pump sited at Kilcreggan Garage. In the event of a fire, arrangements had to be made with the Pier Master to have the pump towed to the fire ground.
The Brigade then became part of the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) in 1939 and was known as Western Area Pump No.2 and in 1941 became part of the National Fire Service (NFS)
In 1948 the Central Area Fire Brigade took over responsibilty of the area, it was at this time that permission was granted by the Civil Defence Officer for the installation of a warning siren on the roof of the local tennis pavilion. The siren was only to be used for summoning the firemen who lived and worked locally during daytime from 7am until 10pm at night. During night time the firemen were summoned by the call bells installed in their homes.
The telephone number in case of fire was 2248, and a Mr. William McQuillan of the ‘Café Cove’, a member of the fire detachment, was in charge of the call out arrangements and gave day and night attendance to deal with any calls.
In 1955 the peninsula got it’s own dedicated Fire Station. Built on the site of the old Richardsons electrical shop, which ironically had been destroyed by fire. The Fire Station was a single storey garage with a small office and toilet block and it was not until 1967 that an upper extension was built housing a lecture room and a small kitchen facility.
This station building served the community for 46 years.
Strathclyde Fire Brigade took over responsibility in 1975 and more improvements followed. The emphasis on training and the introduction of new items of equipment including a Bedford Water Tender Ladder which was subsequently replaced by a Scania Water Tender Ladder and at the same time with Lukas cutting equipment. All of which greatly increased the fire fighting and rescue capabilities of the unit.
The Retained Firefighters of Cove are highly respected within the local community for the manner in which they carry out their full time jobs and the professional manner in which they carry out their fire service duties.
In recognition of their service to the Community, the current and former members of Station Personnel hold 14 Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, 3 British Empire Medals, 1 Member of the British Empire.

Sub Officer J. Currie     BEM
Sub Officer T. Ferguson BEM
Sub Officer A. Ferguson BEM
Sub Officer F. Ferguson MBE

A.B. Ferguson Snr.
Miles Nolan
Jack Caughie
Bobby Kennedy
Jimmy Currie
Tommy Ferguson
Mike McFadden
Gordie Tugwell

Barr Construction

Argyll & Bute Council
Department of Transportation & Property
Director:- Mr. Alistair Gow



Village’s new fire fighting facilities unveiled

Cove’s finest

It was an historic occasion in Cove last week as the village’s new fire station was officially opened.
Volunteer firefighters past and present joined civic dignitaries at the ceremony in the Shore Road premises, built at a cost of £3/4 million to replace the cramped previous facilities in the centre of the village.
The new facilities will not only make training easier for the retained crew, but will also mean the local community can become more closely involved.
But Thursday’s ceremony started on a sombre note, with a minute’s silence in memory of victims of the terrorist attacks on America, in which more than 200 firefighters may have lost their lives.
"The tragic events in the USA have brought home to us how vulnerable our staff can be and underlined poignantly the role that firefighters play in the community," Strathclyde’s Firemaster James Ord told the audience.
He went on to praise the ‘magnificent’ new station and ‘tremendous’ contribution made by retained firefighters.
He said: "They have to have fantastic support from their families. The commitment that they have to give and the constraints it places on their social life and work is very appreciated. Everything that we have got here is the finest, and none more than the crew."
He added that unlike its smaller predecessor the new station could be used to improve community involvement, with events such as open days. A plaque to mark the event was unveiled by Strathclyde Fire Board convener Cllr Joe Shaw and the new station was dedicated by Rev Malcolm Wright.
Afterwards station sub officer Duncan Farquhar said it has been ‘a great night’.
"It was good to see so many people, with all the ex-firefighters and their families there was some real community involvement," he added.
"It will make a big difference for us, with the additional training facilities available - we have got our own hydrant and drill tower now, everything we could ask for in fact."
Many of the village’s former firefighters were at the ceremony, with many decades of service between them.
Senior Divisional Officer Brendan McCaffrey paid tribute to all of them, particularly those who had earned honours including three British Empire Medals, one Member of the British Empire and 14 Long Service and Good Conduct Medals.
Cove Fire Brigade was first formed in 1938, when it was known as the Burgh Brigade and had a trailer unit and pump sited at Kilcreggan Garage.
Ten years later the Civil Defence Officer granted permission for a warning siren to be installed on the roof of the local tennis pavilion, which was used for summoning the fireman between 7am and 10pm – at night call bells installed in their homes were used.
The fire station which was vacated this year was built in 1955 – ironically on the site of Richardsons electrical shop, which had been destroyed by fire.
A single storey garage with a small office and toilet block, it was extended in 1967 to include a lecture room and small kitchen.
<PHOTO> Councillor Joseph Shaw and Strathclyde Firemaster James Ord open the new facility.
<PHOTO> The future is brighter for these fire fighting cadets. (10 of Dumbarton’s fire cadets and 2 instructors in front of Cove’s machine)
(Helensburgh Advertiser, Thursday, 20 September, 2001. Page 11.)
(The Firemaster is Jeff Ord not James.)


<COLOUR PHOTO> Dumbarton's Fire Cadets were on duty in Cove on Thursday evening. The cadets Shaun Doherty, Stephen Gimour, Carly McGrath, Alan McKechan, Ross McKechan, Stuart Drybourgh, David Ewing, Ryan Stewart, Greg Chalmers and Martin Jeffries were helping out at the opening of the new village fire station for Cove and they had their leaders Station Officer Richard Duncan and Instructor Paul Doherty with them.
(Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter, Wednesday, 19th September, 2001. Page 7.) 


Shore Road Station opened 1956? man next door to station said 1955 or 54. SFB said Station 1956, Accomodation extension above 1967.





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