2 Pump Retained.


World War 2 Garages at the rear of Garelochhead Hotel

1972 to 12/11/1987?


12/11/1987? to ?

Feorlin Way, GARELOCHHEAD.  G84 0DG Actual July/1985?              Photo




Officers in Charge

1972 to 1973 L/Fm Alistair G H (Sandy) Brown and L/Fm Sid Cook
1973 to 1979 Alistair G H (Sandy) Brown (Sub O & Stn O)
1979 to 1980s Station Officer Thomas Hatrick
 ? to ? Station Officer R. (Bob) Gracie
 ? to 1998? Station Officer D. McGlennon
1998 Station Officer Paul Redhead (promoted 22/11/1999 ??) (there 2014 now Watch Manager)




World War 2          Alvis car and Trailer Pump

  First Second
1972 NVY385  NVY386
? EVA386K SMS681
1985 KVD598L GGB30X
  KGE453N GGB30X
1993 K664OSU GGB30X
1998 K667OSU K664OSU
2000 N836JSU K667OSU
2010 Sept N836JSU P942SGE
2011 May S263TSU P942SGE
2013 October S263TSU SF54RPZ
2015 April SF54RPZ P940SGE
2016 March SF59CYE SF54RPZ
2018 Nov SF59CYE SP68OZO



Bedford SH/Harrington (Ex AFS)



Bedford SH/Harrington (Ex AFS)


SMS681 Land Rover 108/Fire Armour L4P


Dennis F48/Dennis

WrL or 367


Dennis F48/Dennis



Bedford TK/HCB



Bedford KD/Fulton&Wylie Fire Witch



Dodge K850/Fulton&Wylie



Bedford TKEL/HCB Angus-CSV/Fulton&Wylie



Volvo FL6-18/Emergency One



Volvo FL6-18/Emergency One


N836JSU Scania 93M-220/Emergency One RPL (retro fit)
P942SGE Scania 93M-220/Emergency One RPL (retro fit)
S263TSU Scania 94D-220/Emergency One RPL (retro fit)
SF54RPZ Scania 94D-260/Saxon RPL
SF59CYE Scania P270/Polybilt/JDC RPL
SP68OZO Iveco Daily 70C 18D/Emergency One RRU



New Fire Station surrounded by it's "Best Costomers"

The new part-time fire station at Faslane is "one of the most strategically placed in the West of Scotland," said Central Area Firemaster S. Park, at the opening ceremony last Thursday.
He went on: "This station is surrounded by our 'best customers' - on one side we have the Shipbreaking Industries and on the other the Navy Base and the oil storage tanks. Now these people can be assured that within minutes of a fire breaking out, we can have a fire tender on the scene."
The new station is situated apposite Faslane Cemetery in the site originally owned by British Petroleum and now comprises a servicing area for the tenders and facilities for the men.
All the firemen work on a part-time basis and while off duty from the fire station they are members of the civilian staff on the Naval Base at Faslane.


Mr Park told the members of the audience, many of whom were wives of the firemen, that the most important factor governing the efficiency of his men were their wives.
He said: "I want you to use this station for social purposes too. Come here as often as you wish and try to take an interest in the work of your husbands."
Also speaking at the ceremony was Commander Peter Berger, H.M.S. Neptune, who admitted to the Firemaster that he was one of his best customers, but now he felt that with the new station being so close at hand any fire could be dealt with very rapidly.
County Councillor Edward Denny performed the opening ceremony by unveiling a suitably inscribed plaque.
Speaking at the ceremony he said, that although at times he had many disagreements with his colleagues over the new station he felt that everyone had done their very best to get the plans "off the ground" and he thanked them all for the work they had done.
(Helensburgh and Garelochhead Times, Wednesday, 29th November 1972. Page 1)


Action stations at new fire depot


<PHOTO> County Councillor Edward Denny unveils the plaque at the new fire station
<PHOTO> Firemaster Park with the men of the new fire station at Garelochhead. (Green Godess, five firemen, one Leading Fireman and Firemaster Park.)
The new 5,700 Garelochhead Fire Station at Faslane is ready for action, following the official opening last Thursday afternoon.
The new station, which was originally a garage and a toilet, was converted after being made available by the Department of Trade and Industry.
Conversion of the building began in March and the Central Fire Area Joint Committee accepted responsibility for making the necessary structural alterations.
The new building which is strategically placed for potential "customers" the Clyde Submarine Base, Ship-breaking Industries, and the B.P. and Esso Depots, has three fire engines available.
Attending the official opening were Mr Sam Park, the Central Area Firemaster; the Commodore Clyde, Commodore Peter Berger; and representatives of the Scottish Home and Health Department and the Esso and B.P. Oil Companies.
Chairman at the opening, Mr Michael Kelly, O.B.E., J.P., said: "We would like to thank the county convener, the Helensburgh District Council, the Admiralty, and Esso and B.P. for their invaluable help in making this station available."
And County Councillor Edward Denny, who performed the opening ceremony, said: "It is a relief to see this new station as the surrounding area certainly needs a fire brigade on hand."
Commodore Berger added: "We too are very grateful for this station being opened, as we now have an immediate cover for any fires in this vicinity."
At present the station has eight part time firemen who are employed at the Submarine Base. To prove they have been properly trained they gave guests an impressive demonstration of fire fighting.
Firemaster Park commented: "I am indebted to these men for offering their part time services, but to ensure a full cover we would like some more volunteers for the available jobs."
Before refreshments were served, Councillor Denny unveiled the plaque, and officially declared the station open.
(The Helensburgh Advertiser Friday, 1st December, 1972, Page 3.)


Station's two year wait

A village fire station was dedicated last week, two years after it opened.
The service was conducted at Garelochhead retained station by 'F' Division chaplain the Rev Ian Miller of Bonhill Parish Church.
The occasion was attended by the 14 retainers who are based at the station, members of Strathclyde Region's fire and police committee, Helensburgh councillor Billy Petrie, and Firemaster Mr. Clive Halliday.
After the formal part of the proceedings the men, their partners and guests enjoyed a social get together.
A Regional Council spokesman said that in the past there had been formal openings of fire stations in Strathclyde but because of financial restrictions these have been curtailed.
A plaque marking the occasion will be erected at a later date.
<PHOTO> Garelochhead's firemen and guests at the dedication ceremony.
<PHOTO> Firemaster Halliday checks equipment with the help of Fireman Ferguson and Fireman Rynarczyk.
(Helensburgh Advertiser, Friday, 20th November 1987, Page 3)



1972 to 1975 Central Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



A dance was held in the station on 29/5/1992 to celebrate the station's 20th Anniversary.



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