1 Volunteer Support Unit


WAFB Dunshee (Tel. 11)
  Hut next to Bus Stop Main Street
  Hut at top of Glenview                                                                    Photo
15/4/1998 A85 east of Cattle market R/H side heading for Oban.              Photo


Volunteer Leader

? to ? Volunteer Leader Tommy Gibson
1970? to 1986 Volunteer Leader Allan Church   (Ldr in 1968)
1986 to 1990? Volunteer Leader Trevor Baney? Bauey?
1/4/1998 to ? Volunteer Leader Donald McLaren
? to ? Crew Manager P. MacDougall
? to 2011 Crew Manager I. MacIntyre  (there in 2008)
8/5/2011 to Crew Commander Ian Gemmel (there 2014)


March 1998?              P172VSU              Mercedes 814D/Angloco 4x4                       VSU

9/11/2011                    SF61CXN             Mercedes 816D/Angloco 4x4                      VSU


1941 to 1948 National Fire Service
1948 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



The Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

                                                                        Equipment                                 Retained              Volunteer

                                                                        1 Two Men Manual Pump        1 fireman      5 firemen


1951 A hose box sufficiently large to hold the equipment of the Volunteer Fire Party was erected at a central point in the village.

13/5/1998 Ff P J MacDougall Ff with additional responsibilities.

2014 This unit now has Hydraulic cutting equipment (Combi Tool). Don't know when received.


First call-out for new Dalmally fire vehicle

Dalmally Volunteer Fire Unit's new four-wheel drive vehicle officially went 'on line' on Wednesday last week and had its first call out in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The unit was called by police to provide lighting and a ladder after a man was spotted on the roof of a church in Dalmally.
In the event, they were not needed and the unit stood down.
(The Oban Times Thursday, 23rd April, 1998.)

Dalmally fire station opened

by Joanne Simms

A fire is a fire, whether it is three miles down a country road or 13 floors up in the centre of Glasgow.
That was the message from Strathclyde's Firemaster John Jameson at the official opening of Dalmally Fire Station.
The Firemaster, who has been awarded the CBE, the Queens Fire Service Medal and been honoured for bravery during his career as a firefighter, said: 'The people of Argyll are eligible for the same protection as anyone anywhere else within the region.'
Dalmally is just one of the latest new fire stations in Argyll to be opened. Councillor Bruce Robertson, one of Argyll and Bute's representatives on the Strathclyde Fire Board was also present as was Councillor Jim Shaw convenor of the Board.
The Rev Bill Hogg of Dalmally led the prayers for the dedication of the station.
Mr Jameson, in saying that a fire was dangerous wherever it was, said the firefighters of Dalmally faced the same risks as their counterparts in the centre of Glasgow: 'Only the frequency of the risk differs,' he said.
Mr Jameson said Dalmally firefighters were as well equipped and trained as their city colleagues.
He added: 'For God's sake use all the safety procedures you have been trained for. Never ever go into a fire too quickly, the equipment you have will help you survive a flash over, but only if used properly.
'If you don't stay safe then how are you going to be of any help to the people you are trying to save.'
After the opening ceremony the Firemaster presented all the crew members with certificates for passing their breathing apparatus training course.
<PHOTO> Firemaster John Jameson and Convenor Jim Shaw with the crew of Dalmally Fire Station. (OT/X/36/1A)
(The Oban Times, Thursday, 3 September, 1998)


In 1951 Western Area Fire Brigade sought to make it more official as up to then the fire equipment was taken from the Railway station when needed. at that time persons were supplied for grass fires by the Forestry Commission. The first volunteer leader was a Mr Tommy Gibson and a number of local men recruited with a vehicle if required from the garage. at that time most young men had small vans if they had a motor. Equipment was rudimentary - stirrup pump and beaters.
Approximately 1970 Allan Church became leader and oversaw move to Strathclyde Fire brigade. Base was a hut at the Railway Station (above the Police station). Again motors were used and Allan Church had a Land Rover!
In 1986 Trevor ?Bauey? became leader - by now we had a small banana pump and dustbin for water from hydrants. Indeed we had them since the 70's. Still in a hut but we had to move in the early 90's to a site at Glenview, the local housing scheme.
Approximately 1990 I became Volunteer Leader and as COSHE regulations came on stream we started to get inkling of a vehicle and a new Fire Station. After a few stop-starts we came 'on line' on 15th April 1998. The official opening was on 26th August 1998, performed by Councillor Joseph Shaw, accompanied by John Jameson (Firemaster).
Just now we have our full compliment of ten with myself as equivalent Retained Leading Firefighter and P McDougall with additional responsibilities.
As you know we have a Mercedes 814D Angloco, P172VSU, carrying four Sabre Centurion BA sets at 300 bar, duration dependant on task. We carry two pumps as the unit does not have an integral pump which we use to maintain water supplies if a hydrant is not available. We have a Hurst Jaws of Life cutting set, which we fortunately have not had to use in anger yet, and carry a lot of other necessary gear - not much less than a retained unit. Obviously we are in full Radio and Pager contact with Brigade Control at Johnstone
(This is a short history of the Dalmally Unit by Volunteer Leader Donald McLaren June 1999)



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