Mobile Volunteer Unit


? A box at Ardfenaig.
? to ? Wooden garage in car park in centre of the village
? to ? Kept in shed at farm on way to Fionnphort while new station being built
1985/86? Station is at the car park in the centre of the village.          Photo


1940 Robert McCallum
16/9/1966 to Volunteer Leader R. Shaw   (Retained Fireman)
? to ? Volumteer Leader George McRae
1978? to1995 Volunteer Leader G MacKellar
21/4/1995 to 13/12/2005 Volunteer Leader Robin MacCallum   (there in 1999)
Dec 2005 to Crew Commander Neil Cameron (there 2014)



1956 to 1982 ? Land Rover  
1981 SGB356W Ford A0506/SFB Workshops VSU
18/6/1987 D329LCS Ford Transit VSU
1993? CGE592S Bedford TK/HCB Angus Midi WrT
1994? OYS146Y Bedford KD/Fulton & Wylie Fire Witch WrL
2002 SF51WBD Mercedes 814D/Emergency One VSU




  Bunessan Fire Brigade?
1941 to 1948 National Fire Service ?
1948 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

2014 This unit now has Hydraulic cutting equipment (Combi Tool). Don't know when received.


The Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order, 1948

  Equipment Retained Volunteers
  1 Two Men manual Pump 1 Fireman 6 Firemen



1955 to 1974 there were six Volunteers and one Retained Fireman. 1999 10 members.
18/6/1987 SGB356W (Ford flat backed lorry) replaced by VSU D329LCS.
1993 Received Sabre Centurion BA sets.
2002 Roof of station raised so Mercedes VSU could fit in the station.

Following representations received from Mull District Council as to the adequacy of the Fire Fighting Services at Bunessan, Mull, the Firemaster had made a survey of Bunessan district and also of the Island of Iona as to the position in this respect and, in consequence of his report, the Western Fire Area Joint Committee propose (a) to increase the establishment of equipment at Bunessan by one additional pump appliance, and (b) to establish a volunteer unit of 7 volunteer firemen and one two-man manual pump appliance on the Island of Iona. The cost of the proposals will be 160 and will be borne entirely by Argyll County Council. The proposals require an amendment to the Western Fire Area Administration Scheme Order
(From a letter dated 21/8/1956 to Gourock Town Council)


New truck for Mull

Bunessan on the Isle of Mull is to get a new appliance soon which is just a little bit out of the ordinary.
It is a flat backed truck which has been in use at F Division HQ for the past year and has now been converted by the workshops to a small appliance carrying a crew of five.
The new machine will replace a Land Rover which will be going to Hamilton HQ in the meantime.
(Strathclyde Fireman No.16, February 1982. Page 2.)


Bunessan Get New Appliance

On the 18th June, 1987 the Volunteer Unit at F63 Bunessan took delivery of their new V.S.U. (Volunteer Support Unit).
This appliance replaced the flat bed lorry that had been at the unit for six years.
Our picture shows the crew at Bunessan outside the unit with both appliances, along with Station Officer K. Munro their District Officer and the two fitters from Brigade Workshops in Glasgow. (SGB356W and D329LCS)
(Aye Ready Issue 2, December 1987. Page 11.)


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