Mobile Volunteer Unit



1950 to ? Wooden Box Glenmore (Tel. 206)
to 14/9/2000 Wooden Hut Main Street. beside Bus Stop (A816)           Photo
14/9/2000 Volunteer Garage, opposite Village Hall just off A816       Photo




1950 to 1982 Volunteer Leader Russell Fleming (32 years)
? to ? Volunteer Leader David Wilkie
27/9/1993 to 18/9/2001 Volunteer Leader Colin Clark
2001 to June 2015 Crew Commander David Millward (there 15/1/2014)
June 2015 Crew Manager Donald Smith




2000 W339YDS Mercedes 814D/Emergency One VSU
2016 Oct OU57WKT Ford Ranger VSU
2016 Dec W339YDS Mercedes 814D/Emergency One VSU
2018 OU57WKT Ford Ranger/JDC/SFR VSU
2018 November SP68OZW Iveco Daily 70C 18D/Emergency One RRU


OU57WKT was standing in for W339YDS while it was being modified to take BA sets into the lockers and reconfiguring stowage and crew seating.
2018 W339YDS is being used as a spare for the VSUs which are getting the BA sets into lockers modification while they are away being modified.



Unit started in 1949/50 Annual Report.
In 1955 there were 7 Volunteers.

1949 to 1975 Western Area Fire Brigade
1975 to 2005 Strathclyde Fire Brigade
2005 to 2013 Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Name change only.)
1/4/2013 to Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


Establishment WAFB

  Equipment Volunteers
  2 Hydrants  7 Firemen


Establishment 2015

  Equipment  Volunteers
  1 VSU 1 Crew Commander (receives retaining fee)
    Deputy (Ff receives retaining fee)
    8 Firefighters


New fire station opens

<PHOTO> Unveiling the official plaque, Firemaster Jeff Ord, left, and Councillor Joe Shaw. (OT/Z/37/9)
Firefighting in Kilmelford started in 1950 with a box of equipment and some informal volunteers, now the village has a modern new station and some of the best training around.
Thursday saw Firemaster Jeff Ord and Councillor Joe Shaw, convenor of the Strathclyde Fire board declare the new station open.
Guests at the ceremony heard how Squadron Leader McLean of Glenmore Estate started the unit in 1950 by proving some equipment; Russell Fleming led the team for 32 years. They trained two or three times a year, and received no formal training and no pay.
Today the village has a purpose built fire station, complete with a full equipped appliance with breathing apparatus, ladders and pumps.
Volunteer Leader Colin Clark leads a team of ten who receive comprehensive training at least once a month from the brigade's full time instructors.
(The Oban Times, Thursday, 21 September 2000. Page 3)



Squadron Leader McLean of "Glenmore Estate" started the unit in 1950. Mr. McLean provided equipment and a fire box, which was sited to the rear of the church. Russell Fleming was the original Leader and served for 32.5 years.
In 1951 a Mr. Farlane McKenzie of the Culfail Hotel met Donald Campbell, the local postmaster, and was handed a webbing belt with a hand axe and a pair of wellington boots. He was told he was now a member of the Kilmelford Volunteer Fire Service where he remained for 23 years.
They trained two or three times a year among themselves, with no formal training and received no pay.
In 1975, when Strathclyde Fire Brigade was formed, a Fire hut was provided along with more equipment and some personal protection (bump hats and yellow coats). The unit also received training once a quarter from their supervisory officer and were paid for this training and any call outs which they attended.
As part of the continual reviewing and upgrading of the Brigade, we now have a purpose built Fire Station in Kilmelford, complete with a fully equipped fire appliance including breathing apparatus, ladders and pumps. Volunteer Leader Colin Clark leads ten personnel who receive comprehensive training at least once a month from the Brigade's full time instructors.
(From the Official Opening Programme Thursday, 14th September 2000 ) 

WAFB station list shows Glenmore. 

Agreed Final Measurement for Kilmelford Volunteer Fire Station £131,023. (Strathclyde Fire Board Minutes 13/6/2002)


Hotel anniversary events raise cash 

Residents of Kilmelford recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ‘new’ bar at the Cuilfail Hotel, a 19th century coaching inn.
Along with various stalls, there was a chance for everyone to see round the fire appliance from Kilmelford Fire Station.
George Berry, a retired fireman from Oban, displayed some of his fire appliances from home and abroad.
An evening ceilidh and auction was also held.
A total of £780 was raised during the day and night, shared equally between Kilmelford church restoration appeal and the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund.
<PHOTO> Kilmelford firefighters receive a cheque for the Fire Service Benevolent Fund following fund-raising events to mark the 50th anniversary of the ‘new’ bar at the Cuilfail Hotel, Kilmelford.(The Oban Times, Thursday, 13 December, 2007.)



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