The Brigade have purchased an ex JDC Ford Ranger demonstrator which has been kitted out as a Fire Fogging Unit and will be based at a Fire Station in Q Area (East Ayrshire and East Renfrewshire). The actual station it is to be based at has not yet been decided.

It will go out with a support pump to provide water as although the FFU has a 300 litre water tank, this tank will not be filled until it arrives at the job and will only carry the water over the rough terrain to the fire.

At present it is kept at Kilmarnock (but not one of their resources) until a decision is made as to where it will be based. When requested a driver is found to take it to the incident where the crews utilise its equipment. (June 2011)


OU57WKT        Ford Ranger/JDC        FFU                Q Area



OU57WKT Fire Fogging Unit in Hamilton yard          101_8198                                2/12/2010

OU57WKT Fire Fogging Unit in Hamilton yard         101_8197                                  2/12/2010

OU57WKT O/S locker                                    101-9259                                            9/8/2011

OU57WKT Rear locker                                    101-9260                                            9/8/2011

OU57WKT N/S locker                                    101-9262                                            9/8/2011

OU57WKT Fire Fogging Unit in Kilmarnock Bays       101-9263                                  9/8/2011


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