1975 to 1984


Among the first of the new designated appointments of Firemasters to command the regional brigades which will be formed following the reorganization of local government in Scotland on April 1, 1975, is that of Firemaster R. J. Knowlton, FIFireE. (South Western Area) who will command the Strathclyde region.
Firemaster Knowlton started his service in Southampton in 1948 and stayed in that portís brigade until 1959 when he moved to Worcester in the rank of Station Officer. In 1963 he went to London upon promotion to ADO and stayed with the Greater London Council brigade until 1971, reaching the rank of Divisional Officer I in 1967. In 1971 he moved to Scotland upon appointment as Firemaster to the South Western Area Fire Brigade.
(Fire Magazine October 1974. Page 233.)



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