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Chief Officer Jeff Ord, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, is to be Firemaster of Strathclyde where he will succeed John Jameson who retires next month.
Born in Sunderland in 1949 Mr Ord joined the brigade in 1967. He became Leading Fireman (1973) and moved to Tyne and Wear the following year. Mr Ord progressed to Sub Officer (1975), Station Officer (1977) and Assistant Divisional Officer (1981) before joining the Fire Service College as Course Director (1983). He moved to Kent as Senior Divisional Officer (1986), became Assistant Chief Officer (1987) and joined Northumberland as Chief Officer (1988). He has commanded South Yorkshire since 1996.
Jeff Ord is currently CACFOA Competitions Secretary and holds the LSGC and QFSM.
(Fire Magazine March 1999. Page 35.)

Her Majesty’s Fire Service Inspectorate has appointed Firemaster Jeff Ord as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Fire Services for Scotland. He will take up his new post on March 1.
HMCIFS Ord joined the Service in 1973, progressing through the ranks with Kent Fire Brigade. He joined South Yorkshire as CFO in 1996, and became Firemaster of Strathclyde Fire Brigade in 1999. He was elected as President of CACFOA in 2003, although he has resigned this post to take up his position as HMCIFS.
(Fire Magazine February 2004. Page 33.)


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