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Brian Sweeney has been appointed Firemaster of Strathclyde Fire Brigade.
Mr Sweeney, 43, held the post of Temporary Firemaster since March 1, when his predecessor, Jeff Ord, became Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Fire Services for Scotland.
The post will soon undergo a name-change to Chief Officer of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, reflecting the broad range of incidents, including road traffic accidents and water accidents that the service has to deal with.
Mr Sweeney joined Strathclyde Fire Brigade as a recruit in 1980.
He rose steadily through the ranks, holding various senior posts including Deputy Commander of Central Command (which includes Glasgow), Assistant Firemaster (Director of Operations) and Deputy Firemaster.
Mr Sweeney was praised for his management of the Stockline factory explosion rescue operation in May and for his reassuring manner in the media when he promised families that everything would be done to rescue victims.
ouncillor Joe Lowe, Strathclyde Fire Board’s Convener, said: “Brian Sweeney has done an outstanding job as Temporary Firemaster and I am delighted that this appointment confirms him as very much head of an excellent fire service.”
(Fire Magazine December 2004. Page 33.)




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