Recently, Cebotec delivered the first of two Mobile Interactive Multi Media Information Units to Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Community Fire Safety. Working closely with Robert Brown, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue’s Fleet Manager, each vehicle has an 8m body with twin, hydraulically operated, expanding pods that provide an extended floor space of around 25sqm when deployed. An onboard whisper generator provides the power necessary to support the educational and public awareness function via a bank of eight wall mounted computer stations and a 40in LCD monitor. Air conditioning with separate heating element, a thermostatically controlled diesel powered heating system and Cat2 electric lighting ensures the vehicles, which are wheelchair accessible, remain suitable for business at any time of the year.
The Mobile Community Safety Centres have been fitted out with extendable sides so that they can seat eight people at PC consoles or host audiences of 30 for lectures on issues such as fire and road safety.
The vehicles, each costing over £150,000, carry large, dramatic fire safety warnings along their sides. Very soon, the vehicles will become a familiar sight at schools and public events.
(Fire Times Volume 10 Number 2, February/March 2008.)

SF57LSE    AYR                    Crewed by Ayr Community Safety Staff
SF57LSJ    HAMILTON        Crewed by Hamilton Community Safety Staff

These are now called Community Safety Interactive Vehicles and have been modified by fitting them with Hydra Minerva Suites to allow them to also be used as Mobile Training facilities. (November 2010)


SF57LSJ in Cowcaddens yard.                                      100_8913                                                                                                          12/2/2008

SF57LSJ in Cowcaddens yard.                                      100_8919                                                                                                          12/2/2008

Rear of SF57LSJ in Cowcaddens yard.                                            100_8917                                                                                        12/2/2008

SF57LSJ with sides out to form the classroom.            101_5868                                   18/7/2009

The inside of SF57LSJ with sides out.                    101_5863                                        18/7/2009

The inside of SF57LSJ with sides out, 4 computers on each side.       101_5867            18/7/2009


The entrance to classroom, disabled access behind chain and steps to the right. 101_5865 18/7/2009


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